Mold 101: How Can I Remove Mold from Carpet?

Interior mold is usually depicted as growing on surfaces like walls or bathtubs. Even though it’s not visible, mold and fungus can affect carpeting as well. Is there any effective treatment or remedy?

What are mycotoxins?

Mycotoxins are toxic substances that are by-products of mold. At 0.1 microns in width, they are even more minute than mold spores. Human hair is approximately 100 microns wide, which gives a sense of the relative size of mycotoxins.

Health effects of mycotoxins

When you are exposed to toxic mold such as Aspergillus, which is one of the most common types found indoors, mycotoxins are ingested through the respiratory system. Mycotoxins from Stachybotrys, also referred to as black mold, can be absorbed through the skin as well.

Removal and treatment

As mycotoxins settle in carpet fibers, footsteps stir them up into the air where they can be ingested along with mold spores and allergens. A HEPA-filtered vacuum cleaner can remove the spores, but mycotoxins are small enough to pass through the vacuum and back out though the exhaust. Replacing the carpet is the only sure way to get rid of mycotoxins.

If you have been exposed to mycotoxins, take a long, hot shower with plenty of soap. Hair can trap mycotoxins, so you should also thoroughly shampoo.

Effective mold treatment in New Jersey

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