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Mold Propensity Index (MPI) for Property Managers

Property Managers Need To Ensure Homes Are Free of Any Irritants, or a Family's Quality of Life Could Be Affected.

Property Managers Need To Ensure Homes Are Free of Any Irritants, or a Family’s Quality of Life Could Be Affected.

One of the worst situations you can come across as a property manager is finding out that one or more of your apartments has a problem with mold and fungus. Unfortunately, this issue can come up without warning in many cases, and once it does, it can spread like wildfire. However, you can protect your properties by completing an assessment of their risk for mold and fungus using the MPI, or Mold Propensity Index.

What is the MPI?

The MPI is a risk assessment that utilizes percentage points to determine a building’s probability of having issues with fungus and/or mold. The program asks you a series of questions to determine what your building’s risk level is. Once that part is completed, you’ll be given a score and then different tasks you can complete to lower the risk.

Other Benefits of the MPI Program

There are many other advantages to the MPI program as well. Completing this assessment prior to making a building purchase can give you insight into how much work will need to be completed to take care of mold and fungus problems. It also allows you to provide potential tenants with information prior to moving in so that their minds can be put at ease. Finally, it supplies you with all the data you need to not only control any current problems with fungus and mold, but also to prevent them from occurring in the future.

Having a mold inspection completed at your property is easily accomplished with the MPI program. However you can also opt for a professional inspection, which Stern Mold can help you with. Contact us today.