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Understanding Your Mold Testing Results

Unsure of What Mold Lurks in Your Office?

What Do Mold Testing Results Mean

One of the best ways to ascertain whether or not you have a mold infestation problem is to get a professional NYC mold inspection test. There are two different but related tests.


The foremost and most complete test is called the Environmental Relative Moldiness Index or the ERMI for short. This test is done by capturing mold spores in dust samples and genetically testing them to find out what species of mold that they are.


The Health Effects Roster of Type Specific Formers of Mycotoxins and Inflammagens, or the HERTSMI mold test, is essentially an ERMI light test that only identifies the 5 toxic molds that may inhabit your home or building. This test uses the same genetic protocol as the above ERMI test, but only looks for toxic molds that are known contributors to health issues.

Dust Samples

Suitable samples are taken using a special cloth to collect the dust, and these samples are then tested for mold spores. Once the mold types have been identified, you will be able to choose a specific course of action to eliminate your mold infestation and keep it from coming back.

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