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Stern Mold’s Unique Patented MoldExterm System

Made to Keep mold Out Long After We're Gone!

Made to Keep mold Out Long After We’re Gone!

When you hear about northern NJ and NYC mold treatment, it probably conjures up a nightmare of days or even weeks dealing with torn-up walls and technicians traipsing through your home or business. Once it’s over, you can’t even rest assured that mold won’t return.

Our unique, patented MoldExterm system brings mold removal into the 21st century. It’s less intrusive and more effective than traditional remediation, and it continues to repel mold long after the process is completed.

How Does MoldExterm Work?

MoldExterm is based on cutting-edge technology developed by Dr. Leonard Pinchuk, a biomedical engineer whose many accomplishments include invention of the angioplasty balloon. Dr. Pinchuk created the sturdy polymer that is the primary ingredient in MoldExterm, which kills mold while leaving a foundation that fights off future infestations.

In the first part of the two-step MoldExterm process, a powerful anti-microbial solution is applied to clean, disinfect and deodorize the affected surfaces. Afterwards, the area is treated with our proprietary polymer sealer that continues to repel mold, mildew and bacteria.

Benefits of MoldExterm

• No materials are removed, which also means there is no leftover debris.

• Our skilled technicians can often complete treatment in just one day.

• The patented polymer seal keeps surfaces sterilized and mold-free.

• Our services include a comprehensive warranty for your peace of mind.

• MoldExterm is usually less expensive than traditional remediation.

Stern Mold Provides Quick, Effective and Eco-Friendly NYC Mold Treatment

If you suspect the presence of mold in your home or business, don’t wait until you’re sure. Contact us today and schedule a free mold inspection by our friendly and professionally trained technicians.

Celebrities and Mold – Who’s Had a Problem?

Mold Goes After Everyone

Mold Goes After Everyone

Mold and fungus, like bedbugs, are often presumed to be a consequence of poor housekeeping and lack of cleanliness. In fact, mold is an equal opportunity problem that has no respect for age, income, or personal habits.

Celebrities are just as vulnerable as anyone. Here’s a look at some well-known names who have fought battles against mold and fungus in their own homes.

Suzanne Somers

Actress Suzanne Somers and her husband suffered a terrible loss when their Malibu home burned down in a wildfire, but they had no idea of the problems waiting in their rental house. After both became chronically ill, they discovered an unfinished room full of mold underneath the house. The experience inspired Somers to write her book, Tox-Sick: From Toxic to Not Sick.

Ed McMahon

After contractors failed to adequately clean up water damage from a leaky pipe, McMahon’s six-bedroom home began to fill with mold that sickened him and his wife along with their staff, and eventually leading to the death of their beloved family dog. After a year, McMahon was awarded a multi-million dollar judgment for negligence and breach of contract.

Bianca Jagger

Mick Jagger’s glamorous ex-wife was living in a luxurious NYC apartment rented for $4,000 a month. After three independent tests revealed that the apartment was full of Aspergillus, Jagger began staying in hotel rooms or with friends. Her landlord then evicted her on the basis of violating the terms of her rent-controlled apartment by not actually living there.

NYC and Northern NJ Leaders in Mold Removal

Don’t fall victim to the insidious effects of mold and fungus. Contact Stern Mold today for a free mold inspection.

How to Be Proactive in Your Office to Prevent a Mold Infestation

Prevent Mold in Your Office

Prevent Mold in Your Office

Mold and fungus can grow inside walls, floors and HVAC systems for years without being detected. Over time, it can become so severe that it ends up causing health problems in those who are exposed to it. Taking steps to protect your office from mold is the most effective way to reduce this risk. You can do so in the following ways.

Health Concerns

Take any reports of health issues among employees seriously. If employees are experiencing respiratory problems that might be caused by mold, encourage them to see their doctor.

Water Problems

Watch for signs of water problems, such as leaks or dampness, and ask employees to let you know right away if they notice any. Other signs of potential water damage include stains and spots on walls and ceilings, peeling paint and buckling floors. Get rid of and replace any materials that have been damaged, such as carpeting or drywall.


Some types of mold give off a distinct odor, but others don’t. Have your building checked for mold if you or your employees notice a musty or unpleasant smell. Keep in mind that these odors could be coming from your ducts, so have your HVAC system and ductwork checked for mold if these smells are detected.

Indoor Environmental Quality Program

Set up a program that emphasizes the importance of indoor environmental quality in your building. This program should provide employees with information on detecting potential mold problems and reporting them.

If you suspect that there might be mold in your building, please contact Stern Mold. We provide mold and fungus treatment for businesses in NJ, NYC and Long Island.

City Throws in the Towel in Fighting Mold in Old City Hall

When the Cost of Mold Outweighs the Cost to Demolish

When the Cost of Mold Outweighs the Cost to Demolish

The presence of mold and fungus in a building can quickly become a health hazard. When mold isn’t completely removed, it can spread rapidly and prove difficult or even impossible to get rid of. A recent example of this can be seen at the city hall in Indiana, which is scheduled to be torn down due to mold.

Water Damage Cleanup Reveals Mold

In January 2014, pipes in West Lafayette City Hall ended up rupturing after freezing, which led to serious water damage. Crews that cleaned up the building discovered that mold had been growing in the basement and was later found growing on the first two floors. In March 2014, West Lafayette City Hall was abandoned while city officials looked into the expense of removing the building’s mold problem.

Costs of Mold Removal vs. Demolition

City officials calculated that removing all of the mold that had been growing in City Hall would cost more than tearing the building down. Over the next two years, city officials worked with insurance adjusters to come to agreement on settling this claim. West Lafayette City Hall is now scheduled to be torn down in November 2016 and there are currently no plans to rebuild on the same site.

This situation shows just how serious and costly mold and fungus problems can be. It’s important to detect these problems as early as possible and to have them taken care of before they can get worse.

If your building has a mold problem, contact Stern Mold for help. We offer mold and fungus removal services for homes and businesses in NJ, NYC and Long Island.

Know the Law Before You Get Mold Treatment

mp9004003931New York State has a new mold and fungus law that went into effect on January 1, 2016. The law identifies mold as a fungi growth that can produce toxins capable of causing pulmonary, respiratory, neurological or other illnesses after minimal exposure. The Mold Program and regulations come under the New York State Department of Labor and are part of Article 32 of the New York State Labor Law.

Key facts about the law that property owners should know

The primary purpose of the new law is to protect the public through improved licensing and by outlining basic work standards for contractors doing mold assessment and remediation. The law has three main components:

Training: Prior to obtaining a license for mold assessment or remediation, contractors must successfully complete required training.

Licensing: Contractors are not allowed to advertise or perform mold assessment or remediation services without the mandatory license. People with a New York license for mold assessment, remediation and abatement cannot remediate the underlying source of moisture. For that, you need a home improvement contractor. You can verify a contractor’s license on the Department of Labor’s website.

Work standards: The same contractor cannot perform both the assessment and remediation on the same property. The new law also requires that the identification of disinfectant products is consistent with EPA standards. There are now provisions for personal protection equipment that must be worn by employees working with mold and fungus.

If you have a mold problem in your home or business, contact Stern Mold for a free consultation. We use the latest detection technology and have been serving Northern NJ and NYC since 1995.

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