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Did You Know that NY Protects Mold Treatment and Mold Inspection Consumers?

NYC Protects

NYC Protects

Mold treatment is a hot topic, and any mold infestation is serious business. But New York is leading the way when it comes to mold treatment requirements for contractors. Here is the lowdown on what New York is doing for you.

Training, Licensing and Work Standards

The big three when it comes to mold remediation are training, licensing and work standards.

In New York, contractors are required to obtain appropriate training before becoming licensed. So you, as a consumer, can be assured that the company that you choose will employ skilled professionals to combat a mold problem.

With licensing comes the privilege of advertising the business, and that means any company that advertises must have skilled and professional technicians that have been licensed and certified.

The work standards criteria means that you are protected from fraud, such as all disinfectant products must be identified as accepted by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency standards, that employees use personal protection equipment as needed, that they must post notice of the project and all licenses, and that there will be a post-remediation assessment when the job has been completed.

New York is On Your Side

Mold can certainly be a serious problem, and the State of New York has set up guidelines for contractors to make sure that consumers get quality mold remediation from the contractor that they choose.

If you have any questions about mold remediation and the laws that govern mold removal, please contact Stern Mold. Serving all of the NY and NJ areas, we use the latest technology in mold removal and offer free inspections for your peace of mind.