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Mold Spores Can Live for Thousands of Years Waiting for the Right Conditions to Grow

Protect Yourself with Our Help!

Protect Yourself with Our Help!

Everywhere you look, our world is filled with microorganisms, which include mold spores. Mold infestations often start not because mold spores have suddenly invaded your home, but rather because the spores were already there — and now they have the right conditions to grow.

Mold biology works very differently than animals and plants. Mold starts with spores that can lie dormant indefinitely. Dormant spores stay inactive if they don’t sense the right combination of moisture, temperature, air, and food. When something changes, the dormant spores start actively growing mold.

Be aware that mold spores are probably present in or near your home already, so if you see any signs of mold, be quick to call for mold treatment. Today’s mold removal methods are far less invasive than traditional mold remediation.

Inactive Mold or Active Mold?

If you have found mold in your home, be careful. Breathing in the spores can harm your respiratory system regardless of whether the spores are active or inactive.

A free mold inspection can help bring you peace of mind. You might have found inactive mold, but it’s possible that disturbing it has actually activated it!

Do You Need to Treat Inactive Mold?

Any indoor mold should be treated, especially because seemingly “dead” mold might become reactivated by moisture. Proper mold cleanup involves more than just disinfecting the area. Spores should be sealed off so they don’t activate, and the conditions for mold growth should be avoided.

Worried about mold remediation disturbing your home? There’s a newer, more scientifically advanced way. Contact us at Stern Mold to schedule a free inspection and quote for our two-step MoldExterm removal and treatment system.