Is It a Sinus Infection or Mold Exposure?

Make sure it's Just a Sinus Infection.

Make sure it’s Just a Sinus Infection.

NYC mold removal is becoming more important than ever. Case in point: Did you know that a sinus infection may not be quite what it seems? That’s right. Research conducted by the Mayo Clinic has found that chronic sinus infections were caused by exposure to mold in 9 out of 10 cases! These findings have differed from as little as 20 years ago when physicians believed that virtually all sinus infections were caused by either a virus or a bacteria.

Home and Work

Both home and work environments were the cause for these findings, as being exposed in either place was enough to both cause a sinus infection and prevent it from going away. And when you think about it, a warm dark and moist place, exactly like inside of your nose, is a perfect breeding place for mold.

What’s the Difference?

A genuine sinus infection and a mold-borne sinus infection are very similar. Headaches, congestion, discolored discharge and pressure in your sinus area are all symptoms of a genuine sinus infection and they are the same symptoms of a fungal sinus infection.


Since antibiotics do not affect fungal sinusitis, non-invasive surgery may be required to kill the mold in your sinus cavity. A simple probe is inserted into your nostrils and the treatment is highly effective.

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