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St. Louis Landlord Sued for Black Mold infestation

St. Louis Landlord Sued for Black Mold infestation

St. Louis Landlord Sued for Black Mold infestation

As more has become known about the dangers of mold, property owners are being held accountable for infestations in their buildings. A St. Louis landlord is currently being sued based on discovery of black mold in a rental home.

Did the Landlord Exercise Reasonable Care?

In March 2015, Patrick and Chastity Phillips leased a home in Alton, MO for themselves and their four children. The lawsuit claims that, unbeknownst to them, the house was infested with black mold which was discovered when they moved out.

Defendants include Rashad Robinson; CR Property Investments, LLC; CR Investments; Robinson Realty; and Especial Services and Renovations. The lawsuit alleges failure to maintain a reasonably safe property and prevent mold growth.

Health Dangers of Indoor Mold

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), exposure to mold indoors is not always a risk. However, people can experience allergic reactions to mold ranging from mild to severe, depending on their level of sensitivity.

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) has determined that evidence shows a link between mold exposure and upper-respiratory allergic reactions in otherwise healthy individuals, as well as a link to respiratory illnesses in children.

The Phillips family claims that exposure to mold caused them to incur serious health problems such as permanent pain and injury along with mental anguish and disability. Their suit asks that the defendants pay the costs of past and future medical treatment.

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