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He Wore a Hazmat Suit to Move Their Property – One Family’s Story on Mold

Mold is Dangerous Be Prepared

Mold is Dangerous Be Prepared

When a neighbor mentioned that her apartment had mold, the Baker family realized they might have figured out the cause of their health problems. The parents and their 1-year-old child had suffered various illnesses caused by mold, including bronchitis, skin allergies, and even pneumonia. A look inside their air conditioning vents confirmed their fears.

When Mold Gets Left to Fester

The Bakers’ mold story was featured on their local ABC News station in Houston, telling reporters that their ongoing respiratory problems were caused by toxic black mold.

An inspector found high levels of penicillium, aspergillus, and stachybotrys. Their apartment complex, Skylar Pointe, responded to the family’s complaints by hiring their own mold inspector.

Housing laws allowed the Bakers to terminate their lease and move out immediately. The apartment company now has a vacancy and needs to make the unit habitable.

For the Bakers, the consequences of mold extended beyond financial stress and health scare. They also lost numerous personal effects. Even Mrs. Baker’s wedding dress ended up in a dumpster because it was believed to be contaminated with spores—spores that can lay dormant and activate years later unless killed and sealed off.

Landlords Are Generally Responsible for NJ Mold Removal

Mold often strikes multiple units in apartment and condo buildings because the spores can easily spread through walls. When one tenant reports mold, management should not hesitate to get a free inspection and move forward with our NJ mold removal treatment.

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