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We’ll Beat Your Current Mold Remediation Price Quote by 20%

Your Satisfaction with Our Mold Removal Treatment is Guaranteed!

Your Satisfaction with Our Mold Removal Treatment is Guaranteed! Now, We’ll Even Beat Competitors Pricing!

We’ll Beat Your Current Price
Quote by 20%!

If you have a written mold remediation quote/bid from an experienced and qualified mold remediation service firm, please email that bid with your property’s mold lab results (if you have them), mold inspection report, and pictures of the mold problem to Pamela Stern.

We’ll beat that bid by 20% and do a better and faster job with no wall tear out. Plus we’ll provide up to a 5 year warranty. No one solves a mold problem better and faster than Stern Mold!

How MoldExterm Saves You Money

Stern’s MoldExterm costs less than mold remediation, and that’s just the beginning of the advantages.

Remediation means hiring a contractor to rip out your walls! So, in addition to the cost of the service, you’re potentially racking up a fortune in remodeling, debris disposal, displaced tenants in rental properties, and other incidental costs.

Our MoldExterm cost can beat your remediation quote by 20% because it’s much simpler. Our two-step process kills mold and then adds a protective layer. There’s no extra cost for you besides perhaps a fresh stain or coat of paint.

Save Now, Stay Protected for Longer

Traditional remediation rips out the walls, but does not address the underlying problem. Spores are everywhere! It’s the moisture and nutrients in paper, wood, and drywall that cause mold to grow. Your mold problem might come roaring back soon after mold remediation.

Stern Mold can offer up to a 5-year warranty because of the patented polymer seal that sterilizes the surface and prevents mold growth.

Considering mold removal in NY or NJ? Save 20% and get better results with Stern Mold.

Celebrity Home Resale Sickens Buyers’ Daughter – Mold Found!

Protect Your Precious Family and Children from Mold

Protect Your Precious Family and Children from Mold

Even the Ultimate Fighting Championship league has a set of rules. According to a couple in California whose daughter developed terrible symptoms of mold-related illness, some of the most important rules of real estate were broken by star fighter Chuck Liddell’s agents.

Did Chuck Liddell Sell a House with Mold?

In 2014, Liddell put his home up for sale and the Smith family expressed interest. The deal fell through, so Liddell’s agent, Dustin Ward, let them rent the house and offered to find them a loan. They wound up in escrow for a home they didn’t really want.

However, the story takes a sordid turn as the Smith’s 9-year-old daughter began suffering from nose bleeds and respiratory problems. They also found a water leak they believe to be preexisting and known to Liddell’s camp.

The family alleges that Liddell and Ward knew about the leak and mold. They believe Ward aggressively pushed the Smiths into the home to cover up a failed inspection and pass off the mold-infested house like a hot potato.

With a conference set for late August, it looks like Liddell and the other defendants will have to agree to a settlement to avoid a trial.

Avoid the Nightmare, Call for NJ Mold Removal!

Home sellers and landlords bear responsibility for offering habitable homes with clear communication about any known mold damage. The good news is that modern NJ mold removal methods include the MoldExterm system which kills and seals off mold without having to renovate.

If your property has leaks, water spots, mildewy smells, or other signs of a mold problem, contact the NJ mold removal experts at Stern Mold.

Mold in Your Home – What to Know

What Do You Do When You Find Mold?

What Do You Do When You Find Mold?

When you suspect mold in your home, the first thing you should do is to set aside any feelings of panic or pointing fingers. There’s often nobody to blame for mold problems. Mold spores exist virtually everywhere on earth, and the bare necessities for mold to grow are present in every home—water, oxygen, and food.

At Stern Mold, we educate you about how to prevent mold, and believe that the best NYC mold removal treatment not only kills the present mold, but also keeps it from returning.

Mold Science 101

For starters, here are some basic facts about mold that every homeowner, apartment dweller, and landlord should know:

• Mold needs oxygen, so a sealed surface cannot grow mold underneath.

• Mold needs food, but its food can be wood, paper, or other bio matter.

• Mold needs moisture, so a holistic approach to NYC mold removal includes removing the root causes and adding dehumidifiers if necessary.

• Mold spores are invisible to the naked eye and can go inactive for months or years before regenerating a mold infestation if left behind.

The Latest NYC Mold Removal Method

Household cleaners can kill visible mold, but the tiny spores will remain unless you go through one of two options:

• Mold remediation, where a contractor rips out drywall and other infected areas

• Or MoldExterm, the less expensive, less invasive solution which applies a powerful fungicide and then seals the surface so any remaining spores cannot grow new mold

Our customer reviews demonstrate how fast, easy, and effective our NYC mold removal process is. Arm yourself with knowledge about mold, then take action and call Stern Mold for a free mold inspection!

Learn About Mold: Why Is It So Important to Treat for Mold Spores?

Why Is It So Important to Treat for Mold Spores?

Why Is It So Important to Treat for Mold Spores?

When we think about mold problems, we often think of stinky mildew and unpleasant slime. However, it all starts with tiny mold spores that you cannot see, smell, or otherwise detect with your normal senses.

Spores are extremely hard to kill off because they can go dormant and reactivate days, months, or years later. In fact, the EPA has found that there’s no proven way to get rid of spores completely. So, what you need is NYC mold removal that also protects against spores from reactivating.

NYC Mold Removal and Sealing

If you want a mold treatment that keeps the problem away permanently, you need a solution that stops the mold spores from reactivating. Stern Mold guarantees to keep mold away for good, thanks to a special polymer seal that is 100% safe and effective.

Here’s how our NYC mold removal and mold spore treatment works:

• To grow mold, spores require water, oxygen, and a food source like wood or plant matter.

• Lacking those requirements, spores lie dormant and wait for their preferred conditions to be met.

• We use the two-step MoldExterm system that starts with an EPA-registered fungicide and finishes with a proprietary polymer sealant.

• The surface barrier prevents any remaining mold spores from reappearing, backed up by our warranty.

Any surface that hasn’t been treated with MoldExterm should be kept as dry as possible. Along with our NYC mold removal, we can install special dehumidifiers to help control spores throughout the building.

Stern Mold knows how to keep mold problems at bay permanently, by controlling the spores at the root of the problem. Contact us today for a free inspection!

Black Mold in Air Conditioning Unit Makes Woman Ill

Black Mold in Air Conditioning Unit Makes Woman Ill

Black Mold in Air Conditioning Unit Makes Woman Ill

If the science surrounding mold health issues has not made the problem clear enough, consider how a real person’s life can be turned upside down by toxic mold. In a Jacksonville apartment complex, one woman battled illness for months and eventually left her home behind when the management company did not pay for mold clean-up.

Shelby Nettles told reporters that persistent apartment mold problems gave her swelling, allergic reactions, and respiratory problems. She had racked up bills from repeated doctor’s visits.

This situation is a prime example of how many landlords handle mold problems less than ideally:

• The tenant falls ill or has worsening respiratory symptoms, unaware of the mold

• Mold gets discovered in the apartment, often in places such as the kitchen, laundry room, or air conditioning unit

• The landlord responds slowly or not at all

• Local media coverage tells the tenant’s story and calls out the management company

• Ultimately, the landlord pays the tenant’s health bills, refunds rent, or loses the occupancy

Property managers—how does your company respond to mold reports? Many are afraid of costly mold remediation and putting up tenants in hotels. But the problem gets worse without acting.

Our NYC mold removal process is cheap, fast, and minimally invasive. No need to tear out drywall; our MoldExterm system kills mold fungus and bacteria, then we apply a polymer sealant so spores cannot regenerate.

Landlords, renters, co-op owners, and condo residents should be aware of Stern Mold’s NYC mold removal service. Consider MoldExterm to be a tiny fraction of the cost as the smeared reputation and lost tenants that come with inaction. Contact us today for a free inspection and estimate.

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