Learn About Mold: Why Is It So Important to Treat for Mold Spores?

Why Is It So Important to Treat for Mold Spores?

Why Is It So Important to Treat for Mold Spores?

When we think about mold problems, we often think of stinky mildew and unpleasant slime. However, it all starts with tiny mold spores that you cannot see, smell, or otherwise detect with your normal senses.

Spores are extremely hard to kill off because they can go dormant and reactivate days, months, or years later. In fact, the EPA has found that there’s no proven way to get rid of spores completely. So, what you need is NYC mold removal that also protects against spores from reactivating.

NYC Mold Removal and Sealing

If you want a mold treatment that keeps the problem away permanently, you need a solution that stops the mold spores from reactivating. Stern Mold guarantees to keep mold away for good, thanks to a special polymer seal that is 100% safe and effective.

Here’s how our NYC mold removal and mold spore treatment works:

• To grow mold, spores require water, oxygen, and a food source like wood or plant matter.

• Lacking those requirements, spores lie dormant and wait for their preferred conditions to be met.

• We use the two-step MoldExterm system that starts with an EPA-registered fungicide and finishes with a proprietary polymer sealant.

• The surface barrier prevents any remaining mold spores from reappearing, backed up by our warranty.

Any surface that hasn’t been treated with MoldExterm should be kept as dry as possible. Along with our NYC mold removal, we can install special dehumidifiers to help control spores throughout the building.

Stern Mold knows how to keep mold problems at bay permanently, by controlling the spores at the root of the problem. Contact us today for a free inspection!