We’ll Beat Your Current Mold Remediation Price Quote by 20%

Your Satisfaction with Our Mold Removal Treatment is Guaranteed!

Your Satisfaction with Our Mold Removal Treatment is Guaranteed! Now, We’ll Even Beat Competitors Pricing!

We’ll Beat Your Current Price
Quote by 20%!

If you have a written mold remediation quote/bid from an experienced and qualified mold remediation service firm, please email that bid with your property’s mold lab results (if you have them), mold inspection report, and pictures of the mold problem to Pamela Stern.

We’ll beat that bid by 20% and do a better and faster job with no wall tear out. Plus we’ll provide up to a 5 year warranty. No one solves a mold problem better and faster than Stern Mold!

How MoldExterm Saves You Money

Stern’s MoldExterm costs less than mold remediation, and that’s just the beginning of the advantages.

Remediation means hiring a contractor to rip out your walls! So, in addition to the cost of the service, you’re potentially racking up a fortune in remodeling, debris disposal, displaced tenants in rental properties, and other incidental costs.

Our MoldExterm cost can beat your remediation quote by 20% because it’s much simpler. Our two-step process kills mold and then adds a protective layer. There’s no extra cost for you besides perhaps a fresh stain or coat of paint.

Save Now, Stay Protected for Longer

Traditional remediation rips out the walls, but does not address the underlying problem. Spores are everywhere! It’s the moisture and nutrients in paper, wood, and drywall that cause mold to grow. Your mold problem might come roaring back soon after mold remediation.

Stern Mold can offer up to a 5-year warranty because of the patented polymer seal that sterilizes the surface and prevents mold growth.

Considering mold removal in NY or NJ? Save 20% and get better results with Stern Mold.