When Should You Call in the Pros to Do Your Mold Cleanup?

It May be Time to Call in the Mold Removal Pros for NJ and NYC - Stern Mold!

It May be Time to Call in the Mold Removal Pros for NJ and NYC – Stern Mold!

Most of us have experience cleaning mold—at least from around the tub, sink, toilet, or on kitchen countertops. Those hard surfaces can be disinfected and wiped down easily. Assuming you don’t have asthma or a respiratory problem, it’s safe to clean up small, isolated spots of mold.

But when you’re facing a significant mold infestation or have a respiratory condition like asthma, NYC mold removal services get the job done better while preventing health scares.

Hazards of DIY Mold Cleanup

Experts, including the CDC and EPA, recommend calling professional mold remediators for several reasons:

– Mold cleaning kicks up mold and spores, increasing the risk of mold sickness

– Those with asthma or lung diseases should not touch mold

– Special tools and encapsulation products should be used

– Wood, drywall, and other porous surfaces require professional mold removal

When to Call for Professional NYC Mold Removal

Mold often spreads, invisibly, to places throughout a home or building. Cleaning with household products does not stop the spores from growing more mold later.

Even if you are a physically healthy adult, you should bring in a professional to check for mold in the walls, in your HVAC equipment, and throughout the home.

In office buildings or multi-family dwellings, always assume that mold exists in multiple units. Especially those with shared walls or ductwork.

Free Inspection for NYC Mold Removal

You have nothing to lose when you call Stern Mold for a free mold inspection. We provide New York and New Jersey mold removal using bioremediation and a polymer seal, meaning we can kill mold spores without tearing out walls. Contact us now for more info!