Can Mold Come Back After Remediation on Your NYC Property?

Can Mold Come Back After Treatment?

Can Mold Come Back After Treatment?

Before you bring in professional mold remediators, you might be wondering what to expect regarding how long NYC mold removal will last. The inspection and remediation seem like an expensive and invasive process, so obviously you would like to keep the mold away for many years to come. Ideally, forever!

The good news is that modern technology makes the mold removal process simpler, cheaper, and more effective. Without ripping out drywall or wood, Stern Mold can make your building mold-free, guaranteed for up to 5 years.

Nobody can honestly guarantee that mold will never come back. Unless you seal up the building and never enter it again, mold can potentially return for several reasons:

– Mold problems start with spores, which exist virtually everywhere on the planet.

Mold spores can grow into an infestation anytime they have water, oxygen, and food.

– Permanent mold removal must include dealing with the underlying causes (leaks, dripping water, outdoor moisture getting inside) in addition to thorough cleaning.

How Can Stern Mold Guarantee NYC Mold Removal?

Traditional mold remediation does not necessarily prevent mold from growing back. Stern Mold does not rely on old-fashioned mold remediation!

We use a two-part MoldExterm system of antimicrobial cleaning and a polymer-based sealant. The sealant encapsulates any remaining spores and makes it virtually impossible for mold to grow there ever again.

In addition to our MoldExterm sealant, we can install dehumidifiers to prevent new or recurring issues. This complete solution lets you breathe easier and enjoy peace of mind that your mold problems are in the past!

For a free inspection and details about our guaranteed NYC mold removal, contact Stern Mold today.