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CDC States Mold Is a Cause of Occupational Respiratory Disease

Don't Let Mold Cost Your Business More Than it Should.

Don’t Let Mold Cost Your Business More Than it Should.

If your workplace shows signs of persistent dampness, such as condensation on walls, dripping pipes, or rooms that always feel humid or clammy, you should get an inspection from an NYC mold removal expert.

In any kind of office or workplace, mold and dampness can go unnoticed for an extended period of time. Occupational respiratory disease can affect janitors, office workers, school teachers, and anybody else spending time in the building.

The CDC classifies mold as a known cause of occupational respiratory diseases, including:

– Asthma aggravation

– Bronchitis

– Pneumonitis

– Aspergillosis

– And other respiratory infections

Mold and Dampness Issues

As an NYC mold removal company, we field lots of calls from building managers after a flood or burst pipe has caused obvious water damage. However, all it takes is dampness to provide enough moisture for mold to grow.

The CDC advises to be aware of dampness sources such as faulty air conditioner drains, wet wall insulation, or drainage issues that cause a damp basement.

Mold only needs water and food to live (sunlight is not necessary). The mold life cycle even allows it to sit dormant for years. In other words, even occasional dampness can activate spores to create recurring mold infestations.

NYC Mold Removal to Protect Worker Health

No business wants to lose good workers due to mold illnesses, nor incur the costs of a compensation claim. Be on the lookout in damp buildings or offices where multiple employees frequently seem to cough, wheeze, or get a runny nose.

Contact Stern Mold to get a free inspection and quote for NYC mold removal to prevent occupational respiratory disease and enjoy an affordable, minimally invasive treatment process.