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Environmental Protection Agency Provides a Mold Information Resource

Don't Let Your Mold Problems Grow.

Don’t Let Your Mold Problems Grow.

There are a lot of misconceptions about mold. For example, there are well over 100,000 different types of mold. Some species of mold like penicillium, are used for beneficial purposes. But unless you’re a trained professional, you can’t accurately differentiate between the more benign types of mold and toxic molds. If you have a moisture problem in your home or business, mold is sure to follow. Call the mold experts at Stern for a free inspection.

EPA mold information

The Environmental Protection Agency has a free online resource for information about indoor air quality and mold. It provides information on the health risks associated with spending time in buildings with mold and has answers to commonly asked questions.

Mold is a common problem and there are currently no federal regulations or standards for acceptable levels of indoor mold spores. Reading about how much a problem mold is inside buildings can be unsettling. However, you don’t need to feel frightened. Obtain information from trustworthy sources like the EPA so you can make an informed decision about NJ mold removal.

Guaranteed peace of mind

Mold is a problem that you can eliminate quickly and easily. The MoldExterm method is a more effective and less costly solution than traditional mold remediation. If you already have a quote in writing from a certified mold removal company, contact Stern Mold to compare our price to theirs. We can beat their NJ mold removal quote by 20 percent and provide you with up to a five-year guarantee. We are NORMI certified and have been serving clients in New Jersey, New York City, and Long Island area since 1995.