You Cannot Control Mold Growth With Temperature

You Cannot Control Mold Growth With Temperature

You Cannot Control Mold Growth With Temperature

Attempting mold removal in NYC via temperature control? Chances are, this will not give you the upper hand on mold. The right climate for mold varies by species, and there’s a wide and colorful variety of mold species in nature.

You Can’t Freeze it Out
Though mold prefers the same temperatures that humans do, dropping the temperature in mold infected buildings to a meat locker climate for an extended period of time will not kill mold. It will simply send it into dormancy.

You Can’t Sweat it Out
Think you’ll stop mold growth with higher temperatures instead? Higher temperatures only add fuel to the fire, inviting more mold growth. When combined with higher humidity that often accompanies a rise in temperature – mold growth will explode.

You Can’t Dry it Out
Though a dryer environment thwarts the spread of mold, it will not dehydrate spores to their death.

The Long & Short of It?
Extreme cold, freez­ing, and heat can deactivate spores but it does not kill them. Neither will dehumidifiers. Mold is resistant to desiccation. It is tenacious. As soon as your efforts cease and desist mold will continue to thrive, reproducing throughout your home or commercial space.

Mold Removal in NYC Requires Professional Efforts
However these efforts do not have to involve, lengthy, costly, tear-down and reconstruction. Biological remedies exist that can help you prevail in the battle against mold, and prevent it from knocking on your door again once cleanup is complete.

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