A Snapshot of History – Mold Over Time

You Can Trust Our NORMI Certified Services

You Can Trust Our NORMI Certified Services

Ancient humans had no idea that microorganisms exist, but that doesn’t mean they were clueless about the risks and dangers of mold. Long ago, people remediated mold problems much like the mold removal techniques we use in NYC buildings today. Thankfully, the technology and science have come a long way!

As detailed by mycologist Richard Progovitz in his book, there is a long history of mold around the world.

– Tomb raiders in ancient Egypt often became ill or died of respiratory problems. Hieroglyphics indicate the tombs had pungent air that likely contained toxic mold spores.

– The Book of Leviticus in the Old Testament describes a belief that mold-infected clothing and linens could cause illness. Priests were responsible for mold remediation, including cleaning the items and burning them if mold returned.

In short, people were concerned by mold long before they knew that fungi grew from microscopic mold spores. They knew that mold smells, damages property, and caused health problems.

The Modern Method of Mold Removal that NYC Trusts

We now understand that mold spores can be found everywhere, in the air and on surfaces. We also know that the most likely conditions for mold growth include moisture (from plumbing leaks or simply high humidity) and stagnant air (ventilation helps).

Proper mold clean-up is essential. Mold spores can regrow quickly if you don’t take care of the entire problem.

Stern Mold offers a guaranteed method of mold removal that NYC businesses, hotels, apartments, and other building owners trust for affordable, safe remediation. Our two-step sanitizing and sealing process kills mold spores and prevents reoccurrence.

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