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Cold May Make Mold Go Dormant – What to Know

Mold Loves Cold Weather Because your Warm Home and Melting Snow make your Home a Great Place to Grow.

Mold Loves Cold Weather Because your Warm Home and Melting Snow make your Home a Great Place to Grow.

Sometimes homeowners breathe a sign of relief once winter shows up; especially if they’re prone to having mold problems. Their thinking is that the cold, dry air will kill off mold and they’ll be mold-free for a few months. It sounds too good to be true, and actually it is. You might get a brief break from mold for a little while, but that doesn’t mean it’s dead. When it comes to mold removal in NJ, you can believe us because we’ve seen it all.

What Happens to Mold in the Winter?

When winter strikes, you have one of two scenarios. If you’re someone who likes to keep your home nice and warm, mold will thrive. If you tend to keep it more on the chilly side, mold may deactivate for a time. However, just because the spores are deactivated, it’s still there. It’s only going to lie dormant until the conditions are right for it to grow again.

The Beginning of Mold

Conditions need to be right for mold to grow and thrive. All you need is a mold spore, food for the mold, the right amount of moisture and the right temperature. This is why it tends to favor your basement, laundry room and bathroom.

Once you have mold, you can try to kill it, but your attempts probably won’t work. Even if it appears to just brush right off, it can still be there.

At Stern Mold, we’ve perfected the best method for treating mold. If you’re in need of mold removal service in NJ, we offer a free inspection that will tell you just how severe your problem is. Contact us!

Where Does Mold Grow in Your Home in Winter?

Mold Loves Cold Weather Because your Warm Home and Melting Snow make your Home a Great Place to Grow.

Mold Loves Cold Weather Because your Warm Home and Melting Snow makes your Home a Great Place for Mold to Grow.

Mold doesn’t fly south for the winter or leave your home for a winter residence. Actually, winter time can be conducive to new mold growth inside many homes, schools, and commercial buildings. People are likely to keep windows tightly closed to keep the warm air inside and cold air outside.

Holding all your warm air inside also holds in all the moisture. This can lead to high indoor humidity levels and an ideal environment for winter mold growth. The mold removal NJ experts at Stern Mold are happy to conduct a free inspection and provide advice on preventing future mold problems.

Likely areas for winter mold growth

Roof ice dams form along the edge of the roof and prevent melting ice and snow from properly draining off the roof and away from your home. The water held back by the ice dam can leak into your attic, ceiling, walls, and insulation. Once inside, the moisture combines with a food source of wood or drywall and the warm indoor air to become a thriving mold colony.

If you have one room that stays warmer than other areas of the house, it likely has higher humidity and could develop spots of mold on the drywall or in hidden areas behind dressers, chairs, or in the closet behind clothes.

The most effective mold treatment

Traditional methods of mold removal services in NJ are messy, time-consuming, and expensive. With our MoldExterm method, most of our treatments can be completed in less than one day. Our work is backed by a comprehensive guarantee and costs less than standard mold remediation services. Contact us today for more information.

Wet Winter Months Cause Mold to Grow

Why Is It So Important to Treat for Mold in the Winter?

Why Is It So Important to Treat for Mold in the Winter?

Most people assume that they don’t need to worry about mold during the winter months. The weather is dry, and there doesn’t seem to be much opportunity for mold to grow. The fact is that the exact opposite is true. Winter is a prime time for mold to grow in your home. If you’re not diligent about keeping it at bay, you could end up with a big problem by the time spring arrives.

If you find that you have a winter mold issue, our mold removal services can be your remedy. However, it’s best to know what you can do to prevent it from growing in the first place.

Your Anti-Mold To-Do List for Winter

Taking these steps should be your priority as you work to prevent mold growth in your home:

– Make sure your home stays clean

– Keep the air circulating

– Check for moisture in the basement and repair any cracks in your foundation

– Heat humid areas, and then open a window to let the moist air escape

– Repair or replace all of the seals on your doors and windows

What to do in Severe Weather to Prevent Mold

As you know, our area of the U.S. is prone to severe weather. This might mean heavy rain or snow, which could then lead to flooding. If this happens, it’s important to act fast. Keep temperatures lower in your home, which can keep mold from growing. You should also clean up any areas of standing water.

If you do run into an issue with mold, contact Stern Mold for a free inspection. Our mold removal service in NJ can help you fix the problem.

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