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Even Celebrities Are Plagued by Mold Problems

Even Expensive Homes Get Mold

Mold has no preference to whose home it infects, just ask any one of a number of celebrities who’ve had to deal with mold-infested homes.

What Causes Mold?

Mold can be caused by any number of problems a home is subjected to, from a leaking roof that damages ceiling tiles and drywall, or a broken water heater flooding the floor, to broken water pipes that leave walls saturated. A leaking chimney, improper connection of a water line, botched repairs of water pipes or lines, and poor insulation are also areas that promote mold growth. In each situation, moisture is the culprit that becomes a magnet for the mold to feed on and spread.

Mold and Health

Being exposed to mold for any length of time can lead to health issues such as respiratory illness, sinus problems, headaches, fatigue, cough, runny eyes and nose, neurological problems, and lung damage.

Often times, a mold problem is not discovered until the home is inspected, which could be long after someone has been exposed to black mold.

If you smell a musty odor in your home or see evidence of mold on walls, ceilings, or floors, it’s time to have a professional NJ mold removal company inspect your home. They’ll find the source of the problem so that it can be addressed and then take care of the mold remediation process using up-to-date technology and treatments designed for mold.

When mold is making its presence known, you need the expert service of one of our NJ mold removal specialists. At Stern Mold, we’re ready to make mold a thing of the past. Contact us today for a free inspection.

Mold and Real Estate – What to Know Before You Buy or Sell

Mold: Know More Before You Buy or Sell

Mold: Know More Before You Buy or Sell

If you’re in the market to buy or sell a home, one area you’ll need to pay close attention to: is there or has there been a mold issue.

Sellers and Mold

As a homeowner interested in selling, if your home has had a mold issue, you will need to inform any potential buyer.

If you don’t know if there is mold, this won’t give you a free pass should someone buy your home only to find mold after the fact. Not knowing isn’t an excuse nor is knowing about it and not informing the buyer. In either situation, you’ll most likely find yourself facing a lawsuit from the new buyer.

To avoid this costly mistake, have the home inspected, and if necessary, get a NJ mold treatment to remove the problem. Document everything you’ve had done to resolve the problem.

Another issue is when an inspector finds mold, you probably won’t get your asking price, or the buyer will move on.

Buyers and Mold

If you’re in the market to buy a home, one thing to ask is if the home has had mold and/or if it’s been inspected for mold. Either way, you’ll need to ask to see the documents proving the steps taken to remove it.

If the seller can’t produce any documentation the home is free and clear of mold, you may need to consider other homes.

At Stern Mold, we offer a free inspection, which allows our NJ mold treatment specialist to determine the source of the problem and then discuss the options available for mold treatment. Contact us and let’s get started on ensuring your home is mold free.

Signs that Mold Has Simply Been Painted Over

You Can Trust Our NORMI Certified Mold Services

You Can Trust Our NORMI Certified Mold Services for Inspection and Treatment

Paint can cover over children’s drawings, scuff marks, and years of dirt buildup, but painting alone does not eliminate mold. If you’re planning to buy a new home or rent some commercial space for your business, be sure to look for signs that the new coat of paint may be covering up a mold problem. If you have an existing mold issue, contact the NYC mold removal experts at Stern for a quick, affordable, and effective solution.

Spots with a yellow hue

People typically paint walls a light, neutral color when they are looking for buyers or new tenants. You already know that a light brown stain on the ceiling indicates a moisture problem above. If the walls have a yellow tinge in one or more areas, that is a significant sign of water damage and possible mold growth.

Cracked, peeling, bubbling, or chipped paint

Fresh paint doesn’t bubble or start peeling off the wall unless there was something on the surface preventing it from adhering properly. The most likely cause is moisture beneath the paint. Where there is a moisture problem inside a building, mold will almost certainly follow.

An uneven wall surface

When people live or work in a building for a long time, they become accustomed to defects and just chalk them up to the building being old. An overlooked section of drywall that is bulging out could have been caused by significant water damage and a mold colony on the other side.

Contact the NYC mold removal experts at Stern Environmental Group for a free inspection. Our MoldExterm method costs less than traditional mitigation methods and comes with our mold-free guarantee.

Drones Used to Find Entry Points for Moisture for Mold Treatment

Drone Looking for Mold Moisture Points

Drone Looking for Mold Moisture Points

This year, Miami mold specialists went to new levels, employing the use of drones as part of their mold identification and eradication tactics. Will NYC mold treatment be next to follow this trend?

What’s Up with Drone Mold Identification Tactics?
Inspection drone technology has advanced rapidly in recent years, thanks in-part to applications in energy, construction, infrastructure and mining. The latest tech? Infrared inspection, offered by Miami Mold Specialists. With the help of drones, the new systems helps mold specialists map buildings for multiple kinds of moisture damage, from that caused by excess humidity, to damage from wind, water and leaks, identifying potential mold ‘hot spots’ and addressing problem areas more efficiently.

Infrared Detection of Water Damage
Because mold spores cannot be completely eliminated, moisture reduction is critical to controlling mold growth. However moisture and leaks, hidden behind walls, floors and ceilings, can be impossible to detect until serious damage occurs. Infrared photography goes ‘behind the scenes,’ using sophisticated infrared sensors to measure the temperatures of any surface within its image area, identifying changes in temperature that point to potential moisture issues.

A Cheaper, Less-Dangerous Way to Check for Mold Issues
Unmanned drones can fit into tighter, more treacherous spaces than mere mortals, and aren’t affected by exposure to toxic spores. With weather-related disasters on-the-rise, this service may prove to be in as high-demand nationwide as it is in Miami post-hurricane-Irma, though only a handful of South Florida mold inspection and remediation companies offer it at this time.

Struggling to find the source of mold in your home or business? Contact the NYC mold treatment experts at Stern Mold and schedule your free inspection today.

Typical Traditional Mold Removal Costs Continue to Climb

MoldExterm Treatment is a Cost Effective Way to Remove Mold

MoldExterm Treatment is a Cost Effective Way to Remove Mold

Mold is part of the environment and serves a useful purpose to the planet. Without it, the world would be a drab landscape of dead and decaying plant matter.

While we don’t want to interfere with Mother Nature outside, we do need to intervene when mold makes its way into the home or business. When this occurs, a NYC mold treatment specialist is needed to remedy the problem.

Causes of Mold

Mold loves moisture; the more the better. Mold also has a healthy appetite and our homes have a buffet of food sources such as window frames, bathroom tile, insulation, and drywall. Basements and crawlspaces are another idyllic mold hideaway.

Mold and Your Health

There’s a list of health issues caused by mold that can cause a variety of issues from skin irritations and headaches to breathing difficulties and allergic reactions.

Mycotoxins are produced by mold, which can be inhaled or come in contact with the skin if exposed to moldy surfaces. This can lead to more serious issues including lung cancer.

Removing Mold

For home or business owners, repairing places affected by mold is the first step. This includes roof leaks and leaking pipes that allow moisture to accumulate. The next step is contacting a professional service.

Mold Testing

When a professional mold specialist is on the job, they’ll examine the area to look for sources of moisture past and present. The indoor air quality is also checked to determine if there are airborne mold spores present.

For a free inspection, contact Stern Mold. Our NYC mold treatment process along with our staff of experts will get your home smelling fresh and mold free.

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