Could Your Child’s School Be Involved in a Mold Cover-up?

Is you Children's School Harboring Mold?

Is you Children’s School Harboring Mold?

Parents of students at Providence High School have been persistent in their complaints that there’s something amiss in the air that is making their children sick.

A meeting with Superintendent Clayton Wilcox was scheduled so parents could put pressure on the school to look into what is causing the problem.

Students and faculty were complaining of headaches, fatigue, and sinus problems and noting the problem was mold related. While contractors were brought in and the principal had notified families that a second contractor had been scheduled, there remains a stigma of suspicion that the school authorities had not been as forthcoming with information as they should have been.

Contractors that had been called in to check for mold did in fact find evidence of water damage and possible mold-damaged ceiling tiles. Due to inaccurate information being provided by school officials, it’s evident Providence High needs a thorough inspection by state health officials to determine the extent of damage and to clean up the problems.

As of this writing, when asked, a school official replied that “the district has and will bring in outside resources as necessary to respond to any issues found.”

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