Buying a Foreclosed Property? Be Careful with Possible Mold Cover-ups!

A Fixer-Upper May Need Some Fixing Up Concerning Bed Bug Control.

Fixer Uppers May Harbor Hidden Mold

When buying foreclosed property, it would be wonderful if buyers could trust that the home they are buying has been inspected for mold. It would be equally wonderful that if mold were found, it would be taken care of by NYC mold removal specialists.

The Moldy Cover-Up

Unfortunately, according to real estate agents and contractors, this isn’t always the case. The reality is that many homes affected with mold are being doctored up, so to speak, to hide the telltale signs of mold damage. This is deceitful on many levels.

In some instances, it can be purely a lack of knowledge and understanding about the health hazards associated with mold. In these cases, the moldy area may be painted over, or baseboards replaced, and everyone thinks that it’s OK.

Mold Symptoms

Mold can trigger different reactions such as irritated eyes, runny nose, seasonal allergies, and fatigue. Often, people misdiagnose the symptoms believing they may be coming down with a cold or the flu. Also, coming into contact with mold can cause the skin to become irritated. This is known as sporotrichosis.

What people can’t see are the tiny spores that travel through the air undetected. When inhaled, these spores can cause respiratory issues.

When you enter a room and smell a musty odor, that is the result of the mold producing volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can be dangerous to your health.

At Stern, our NYC mold removal experts are equipped with the latest method called MoldExterm. It’s a less expensive method and we back the service with a comprehensive guarantee. Contact us at your earliest convenience if you suspect mold has infiltrated your property.