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What to Know About NYC Mold Removal – the Common Sense Approach

Mold spores can cause health concerns.

Mold spores can cause health concerns.

Don’t let mold get you down. It looks awful, smells bad, and is worrisome when it comes to potential health issues, but it can be dealt with quickly and efficiently by a NYC mold removal specialist.

Moldy Things to Consider

The extent of the mold problem will determine the extent of the mold removal process needed for your property. The first thing to keep in mind is if you see signs of mold (damaged drywall and insulation, for example) you don’t need to pay for a test to determine if there’s mold in the home.

You also won’t need to call a construction contractor to tear down your home because of a little mold. What you do want is to have the mold removed from its source and anything that may be creating moisture to be replaced or repaired.

A qualified mold remediation specialist will take the necessary steps to get your property back to mold-free status. The technician will seal off the area and remove the moldy material. If applicable, also clean the area of mold and stains, sanitize the air, and vacuum to remove airborne spores.

A mold professional will often seal treated areas to help make the surface resistant to mold and water. A sealer also helps with odor control.

While you may have a minor mold issue and want to take care of it yourself, it’s best to let the professionals handle it in a safe manner.

For NYC mold removal, Stern Environmental can take care of the problem in a New York minute. Call us at your earliest convenience to schedule an inspection and discuss a plan of action.