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NYC Mold Removal – Center for Disease Control’s Recommendations on Mold

Protect your Health from Dangerous Molds That May be in Your Home.

Protect your Health from Dangerous Molds That May be in Your Home.

If your home has been involved in a natural disaster that caused flooding, there are a lot of issues that will need to be addressed. One issue you’ll need to take care of quickly is controlling the conditions that promote mold growth, which causes health problems.

Mold in Your Home

The first step with a mold problem is drying out the area. This includes removing carpeting, furniture, anything that was on the floor and got wet. You may also need to have areas of damaged drywall removed. Anywhere that moisture had an opportunity to sit untouched is a viable place for mold to grow.

Health Issues

Mold spores in the air can cause people with asthma to have difficulty breathing. It can also cause allergic reactions, irritate eyes and skin, and cause people with weakened immune systems additional problems.

Cleaning up Mold

While removing water-damaged items from your home is something you can do, cleaning up moldy areas is something you should leave to a professional NYC mold removal specialist. For your part, wear latex gloves, goggles, and a face mask or respirator when removing moldy items. Use a wet vac to remove any standing water. Open doors and windows to speed up the drying out process. Wipe down everything in the home including drawers, vanities, closets, etc.

For the actual removal of mold, that’s when you call in a specialist part, who has the experience, equipment, and treatments to make your home safe and mold-free.

When mold infiltrates your home and you need the help of a reputable NYC mold removal company, call Stern Mold to schedule a free inspection and discuss treatment options.