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NYC Mold Removal – The Five Levels of Mold Remediation

Mold Will Only Get Worse If It Is Allowed To.

Mold Will Only Get Worse If It Is Allowed To.

Not all NYC mold removal calls for the same treatment. Experts categorize mold remediation into five different levels, starting with the least amount of contamination and progressing up.

Level I: 10 square feet or less

Mold infestation at this level, often found on ceilings or baseboards, is generally minor. You can sometimes clean a Level I infestation yourself, but be sure to wear gloves, work goggles and other protective gear.

Level II: 10-30 square feet

This level roughly correlates to the size of one wall panel. Cover moldy areas with plastic to minimize dust and debris, and double-wrap items before disposal.

Level III: 30-100 square feet

Contamination at this level becomes more serious, usually spreading across several walls. Seal ventilation ducts in the affected area and remove everyone from the work area. Infants and people with compromised immune systems or chronic lung diseases should be completely out of the surrounding area as well.

Level IV: More than 100 square feet

At Level IV, it’s best to seek help from professionals who are trained in the handling and removal of hazardous materials. They should also set up a decontamination room for staging of sealed contaminated items.

Level V: Air conditioners and HVAC systems

Level V infestations should always be conducted by professionals. Consult the manufacturer for recommendations of biocide products that help prevent the growth of mold and other microorganisms.

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