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EPA States All Molds Have the Potential to Cause Health Effects

Mold spores can cause health concerns.

Mold spores can cause health concerns.

Mold comes in many types and is a natural fungus. It’s found around the world anywhere a food source and moisture are available allowing it to grow. Whether it’s office buildings, commercial buildings, or schools, there’s always the potential for mold.

Potential Health Effects of Mold

Exposure to mold spores has become an increasingly popular topic of concern for America as no one is immune from the possibility of having a situation that results in mold. When exposed to mold, a variety of symptoms present themselves running the gamut from allergic reactions and itchy eyes, nose, and throat to coughing, sneezing, and dry, scaly skin.

Whether it’s a roof leak, burst pipes, leaking pipes, or any other calamity that results in moisture, the mold spores are sure to take advantage of it and grow.

This fungus can be found wherever oxygen and moisture are available and on any type of organic substance. These include carpet, insulation, wood, food, and paper.

Mold will eventually destroy whatever it is growing on over time. Keeping moisture under control can eliminate an existing mold problem and prevent future issues.

Using the professional services for mold removal in New York City is a good first step in remedying the problem.

Mold removal in New York City is best handled by a company that has years of experience in mold remediation. At Stern Mold, we have all that, and more. With our specialized treatment, we guarantee results.

For a free inspection, contact our office by phone or use the convenience of the form on our website. Our goal is to make your property mold-free and keep it that way. Call today!

Tips for Treating Mold Found Inside Plumbing Pipes and Drains

What In Your Plumbing?

What In Your Plumbing?

Whenever you’re near a drain in the kitchen or bathroom, and a moldy and unpleasant odor emanates from the opening, there’s a good chance that mold has accumulated and is growing in the pipes and around the drain.

Problems with Moldy Pipes and Drains

No matter how careful you may be about eliminating food particles going down the drain, there will always be snippets that make their way into the pipes.

In the bathroom sink, shower, and bathtub drains there are other items that build up such as dead skin and hair. Both serve as food sources for mold to feed on, multiply and grow, which keeps the mold cycle alive and well.

What to Look For and Steps to Take

Each month it’s recommended that you visually inspect drains for mold buildup and odors, and check for any leaks around pipe fittings and/or signs of puddling water under the sink.

It is also recommended that drains be cleaned once a month with natural cleaning products such as baking soda and white vinegar; never use bleach as it is too abrasive to pipes and the fumes are not healthy to breathe.

If there’s damage to the pipes, it’s time to call a plumber to make the necessary repairs. If you find you’re dealing with mold only, it’s time to make an appointment with a mold removal specialist in New York City to treat the affected pipes and drains immediately.

At Stern Mold, we specialize in mold removal in New York City through guaranteed remediation treatments. We offer a free home inspection, discuss treatment options, create a plan of action, then take care of the problem

Employers – Take Reports of Mold in the Workplace Seriously

Employers Must Weigh Concerns of Mold Seriously In the Workplace.

Employers Must Weigh Concerns of Mold Seriously In the Workplace.

Recently, a Pennsylvania employee was fired from her job for reporting mold in the workplace. She had notified the company of the problem, and when they failed to take steps to remedy the problem, reported to OSHA.

Mold in the Workplace: Don’t Ignore It

The company was notified by OSHA representatives that the issue had been brought to their attention and the area needed to be inspected.

Long story short, the company had the area inspected and was told there was a significant mold issue that needed immediate remediation. The company acknowledged the problem, but two months later, refused to take action. The employee continued to file complaints and several weeks after the inspection was completed, the company retaliated by firing her.

This is a direct violation of federal legislation put in place to protect employees who “blow the whistle” on illegal conduct. In too many instances, employees are afraid to come forward for exactly what happened to the Pennsylvania employee and why protections were put into law.

The company’s failure to take action and the firing of a whistleblower, which is the term used for people who bring illegal situations to light, cost the business $105,000 as a settlement to the employee. It most likely would have cost less to have had a professional mold treatment of the affected area.

If you are aware of a mold problem or an employee(s) bring it to your attention, don’t hesitate to hire mold removal service in New Jersey immediately.

At Stern Mold, we handle mold removal in New Jersey with specialized treatments to eliminate problems and make sure everyone is working in a healthy, mold-free environment.

How Airborne Mold Spores Enter Your Body and Impact Your Health

Here are the Tell-Tale Symptoms of Chronic Mold Exposure, be on the Lookout!

Here are the Tell-Tale Symptoms of Chronic Mold Exposure, be on the Lookout!

When it comes to mold removal in New York City, you don’t want to put it off for another day. Toxic mold is detrimental to your health and needs to be eliminated as soon as possible.

How Mold Enters the Body

Mold spores enter the body through breathing, ingestion, and through skin absorption. When spores and secondary metabolites (mycotoxins) are present, inhaling the mold gets spores into the lungs, sinuses, and respiratory system.

Ingestion can occur if mold residue filters down onto food being prepared on the counter of a basket of fresh fruit on the table. If the spores are airborne, they can enter the mouth.

If you have an open wound on your skin, mold can enter, and even if mold comes in contact with the skin, it can be absorbed.

Symptoms of Mold

One of the most prevalent symptoms is sinus problems that are often confused with an allergy attack. You may experience sneezing, coughing, watery eyes, and an irritated or burning feeling in the throat.

The longer you allow your immune system to work at deflecting the symptoms, the more over-worked it becomes. This can lead to more serious fungal infections and respiratory issues such as an infection of the blood.

Mold removal in New York City is important and our trained staff at Stern Mold have the experience to get your property mold-free. Call today to schedule a free inspection.

Mold Adversely Affects Infants and Children – What Parents Should Know

Mold Adversely Affects Infants and Children - What Parents Should Know

Mold Adversely Affects Infants and Children – What Parents Should Know

Many homes – over 50 percent – have been affected by water damage. Whether from a leaking roof, burst pipes, or a broken water heater, water has seeped in and left behind toxic mold, which can leave children not feeling well.

Toxic Mold Health Issues

Mold is a leading threat to children’s health around the world and presents itself in many ways. Just a few of the symptoms related to mold include:

– Flu-like symptoms

– Sore Throats

– Ear aches

– Coughing

– Painful joints

– Immune disorders

– Sinus infections

Steps to Take

One of the first steps to take is getting up-to-date on mold and the effects it may be having on your family. This is especially helpful if family members are sick and the doctor can’t seem to cure the problem.

Mold is often in hidden places like the basement, attic, crawl spaces, and behind drywall. Whether mold spores are present or not, schedule an inspection by a professional specializing in mold removal in New Jersey.

Once the home is inspected and a plan of action in place, you’ll be taking a positive step to help put family members on the road to recovery.

When you’re faced with a mold issue in your home, contact Stern for professional mold removal in New Jersey. Our experienced staff will provide a free inspection of your home and address your concerns quickly so everyone can breathe easier and enjoy better health.

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