Center for Disease Control Facts – Fungus Infections and Mold Exposure

Mold spores can cause health concerns.

Mold spores can cause health concerns.

When you have mold growing in your home or business, it can become a serious health problem. Mold exposures and fungal infections can result in severe illnesses if a mold problem isn’t handled promptly and thoroughly. Find out more about why it’s so important to have Manhattan mold removal done as soon as possible if you have mold.

Mold Exposures and Toxicity

According to the CDC, mold is very common in residential and commercial buildings, especially when there is plenty of moisture. However, mold itself is not toxic. Under certain conditions, molds can produce toxins, which is when health problems can occur. Individuals who have the highest risk of experiencing serious health issues are those with allergies, asthma or other respiratory conditions and those with a weakened immune system.

Fungal Infections

Mold can cause several different fungal infections when people are exposed to it. These include aspergillosis, blastomycosis, coccidioidomycosis, cryptococcis, histoplasmosis and sporotrichosis. Many of these infections can cause respiratory symptoms, such as a cough, along with other signs of illness.

Severe cases can cause chest pain, coughing up blood or other serious symptoms that require prompt medical care. Individuals who have symptoms of a fungal infection from mold exposure should see their doctor to ensure that they receive treatment. Mold removal also needs to be done in order to prevent more infections or complications from occurring.

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