Center for Disease Control Facts – Mold and Dampness

Center for Disease Control Facts - Mold and Dampness

Center for Disease Control Facts – Mold and Dampness

Mold is not your friend. Although you can find it just about anywhere there is moisture, as well as floating through the air, it can cause no problems for some, and health issues for others.

Mold is ancient, having been part of our ecosystem since time began. It has its own role in Mother Nature, so it isn’t going anywhere.

About Mold and Health

Mold presents itself in many ways on the health front. If you have signs of mold in your home – discolored walls, ceilings, baseboards, under sinks, or can smell musty moldy odors, but don’t have any visible signs – here are a few telltale symptoms:

– Irritated eyes

– Skin Irritations

– Wheezing or coughing

– Sneezing

– Stuffy nasal passages

– Irritated throat

Individuals with compromised immune systems may be faced with a variety of infections. Anyone who has been diagnosed with mold allergies should stay clear of moldy areas as they may experience more severe reactions.

A study by the Institute of Medicine found people with asthma, upper respiratory tract issues, and hypersensitivity to be prone to health issues. The institute also found evidence that healthy children were affected by respiratory illness and asthma when subjected to indoor mold.

Memory loss and tiredness are also linked to mold. More studies are underway to determine other types of potential mold-related health issues.

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