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Could the Gym You’re Using be the Source of Your Mold Sickness?

Young People Spinning in the fitness gym

Could You Gym Have Mold?

Concerns about mold-related illness have you giving your office the side-eye? It may actually be your gym. Recent studies have shown gyms commonly experience unacknowledged mold problems. If your gym smells like sweat socks, it may be time to skip the workout and let your local fitness manager know it may be wise to schedule a free preliminary NYC mold remediation inspection.

Is Your Gym Harboring Mold?

Far more common than asbestos or lead, mold is a prevalent problem in NYC buildings. However gyms are especially susceptible, given their propensity to warm, moist air. Molds and fungi love moisture-rich environments. Swimming pools, saunas, showers, sweat, and the increased respiration of individuals exercising all contribute to an environment at the gym that’s far more humid than that of offices and homes. If your gym smells especially funky, trust your nose. Mold is probably present.

Signs of Mold Related Illness

The World Health Organization has found a strong correlation between mold exposure and health. Far more harmful than ingested mold toxins, inhaled mold toxins can cause serious health issues, including:

– Eye irritation

– Allergic reactions

– Asthma & upper respiratory issues

– Aspergillosis, allergic reaction and/or lung infection resulting from breathing in Apergillus spores, a common indoor/outdoor mold

– Hypersensitivity pneumonitis – inflammation of the lungs from mold allergen exposure that can lead to pulmonary fibrosis if untreated

– Digestive issues and weight gain (if ingested)

– Muscle pain and numbness

– Depression

Whether you’re sweating it out in your home or in the gym, ensure clean, healthful air with the professional NYC mold remediation services of Stern Mold today.