What is Aspergillosis – Is it Caused by Inhaling Mold Spores?

What is Aspergillosis - Is it Caused by Inhaling Mold Spores?

What is Aspergillosis – Is it Caused by Inhaling Mold Spores?

Are you or someone you care about suffering from constant health problems? Could it be due to mold? Aspergillosis is a troubling infection triggered by exposure to mold spores. Sadly, it wreaks havoc on our most vulnerable. Across the nation, more than half of all residences and commercial buildings have some form of mold and damage due to water.

New York is particularly susceptible to the growth of mold. The high levels of humidity in the area make New York buildings the prime environment for mold growth. Investing in NYC mold remediation can safeguard against debilitating illness.

Who are the Most Vulnerable?

Aspergillosis affects those who are prone to infection due to a weakened immune system. Those who have undergone chemotherapy are particularly susceptible. If you’ve received an organ, have lung problems or other similar maladies, the threat of Aspergillosis is real. For households with people who have serious health problems already, it’s important to get schooled on the mold facts.

Check Your Symptom List

Mold (otherwise known as fungus) hides in obvious places. Ground spaces, dust particles, plants, rotting food, soil and materials in the walls, ceilings, floors are all known to contain mold. If you have experienced any of the symptoms below you may have contracted a type of Aspergillosis infection:

– Mucous/Blood Cough

– Chills

– Fever

– Wheezing

– Shock

– Chest Pain

Stay Strong and Stern

Our NYC mold remediation team at Stern Mold can keep the most vulnerable from the suffering mold illnesses every day. Do you know enough to safeguard your family against the unseen? Visit our informative website today! We’ll help you ask the right questions, so you can finally find a solution!