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Tactics for Forcing Your Landlord to Treat Mold in NJ

Tactics for Getting Mold Treatment from Your Landlord

Tactics for Getting Mold Treatment from Your Landlord

Has an unaddressed leak in your rental spurred mold growth? Good health is vital to your ability to maintain your lifestyle, and mold causes numerous health risks and illnesses.

Whoever is in charge of your building should be alerted to a mold situation so a solution can be found. What happens if your landlord doesn’t understand the real threat? How can you receive the Stern Mold treatment NJ residents have come to depend on without your landlord’s approval?

Finding the Source

What is causing the mold growth? If you want your landlord to act accordingly make sure you know what the source of mold is. A quick call to mold experts can help you determine the next steps to take to find out. If there is a leak that your landlord failed to address you may have a case for mold remediation treatment.

Through Stern Mold treatment NJ businesses and homeowners can rest easy knowing that mold is not negatively impacting their lives. If you’re a renter, a simple explanation to your landlord of how debilitating mold is to a person’s quality of life and the impact it can have on property value may help set mold remediation plans in motion. If not, find out your legal rights.

Getting Resourceful

Being informed is the best way to combat any doubts or concerns. If your landlord refuses to fix the mold despite their being at fault by not fixing faulty building issues, contact your local building code office. Unaddressed leaks and code violation notices can stir your landlord to act. Our mold treatment NJ experts have the solution. Contact Stern Mold and start breathing easy again!