Mold Infestation – Know There Is Proof of Documented Health Problems

Documented Health Problems from Mold Exposure

Documented Health Problems from Mold Exposure

Do you or others you know wonder at the true effects mold spores have on your health? Don’t second guess it. The facts are in! If you require some informed insight on the health effects of mold, mold treatment NJ remediation experts are on call to help you decipher the truth from fiction.

A Stern Warning

Many people shrug off the negative impact mold can have on one’s health or quality of life, but mold infestation triggers numerous symptoms and debilitating illnesses. Mycotoxins and fungal spores carry health-threatening toxicity. When the levels of these toxins increase, dangerous health problems arise. Various studies show that the mold discovered in buildings are linked to the onslaught of adult-asthma in work-related instances.

As sensitivity to mold increases by exposure, symptoms like coughing, wheezing and other troubling respiratory ailments amp up in severity. Residents or employees that have been negatively impacted by mold growth react differently. Some experience minor reactions while others aren’t as immune to the presence of mold. For that reason and many more, our Stern Mold treatment NJ team treats every mold incident with the same level of care and seriousness.

Symptoms Linked to Mold Exposure

Here is a list of ailments that studies show can be linked to mold exposure:

– Allergies

– Asthma

– Upper respiratory tract infections

– Bleeding lung

– Cancer

– Central nervous system problems

– Fatigue

– Eye Problems

– Headaches

– Kidney Failure

We Know the Truth

Our Stern Mold treatment NJ team stops the unknowns from affecting your peace of mind by bringing remediation and relief. We seek out answers to help you maintain your health and lifestyle. Set up an appointment with us and start living again!