Suffering from Mold Exposure – Some Natural Lifestyle Tips for After Treatment

Tips for Healing from Mold Toxicity Exposure

Tips for Healing from Mold Toxicity Exposure

Are you a New York local who is experiencing health complications due to mold exposure? Our NYC mold removal team is ready to help you take the first step towards a better, healthier life. At Stern Mold, we combine our knowledge and experience to ensure you enjoy life without mold.

All Natural After Mold Removal

Once a trusted NYC mold removal team clears your house of the cause of your health troubles, it’s best to be on guard. Thankfully there are natural preventative steps you can take to keep mold away. Here are a few tips you can work into your everyday life to prevent mold spores from taking a round trip to your home:

1. Batten down the hatches. During high mold spore counts, close windows and doors to keep mold spores from returning for a second round.

2. Scrub the deck (or access areas). Keep access points, where mold invades, clean. Vents, fans, and gutters need to be cleaned to reduce the chances of a moldy comeback!

3. Hoist the dehumidifier. Moist places in the home like basements, bathrooms and laundry areas are prone to mold spores. Use a dehumidifier to bring down excessive moisture and keep places dry and free from fungus.

4. Man the canons. Protect yourself by wearing masks when doing yard work or gardening. Mold likes to make its home on wet leaves and other moisture-laden flora.

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Our NYC mold removal team remediates and reforms how you think of mold. Trust the experts and get the facts! Mold isn’t harmless, but it’s treatable. Steer here to Stern Mold today and set sail towards new mold-free horizons!