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Is It Bad to Live in a Space with Mold?

What to Know About Mold Found In Your Home or Business

What to Know About Mold Found In Your Home or Business

What does mold do–or rather what can mold do to you? Our Manhattan mold removal experts have all the answers. If you’re against sharing a space with mold spores, it’s time to quit with the niceties and get rid of them. Keep these particular unwanted guests away because they make for horrible roommates!

Your New Roomie is Catching

Mold is always annoying. It irritates your skin, eyes, and throat and it doesn’t stop there! If you have children or older members of the family living there, it can spell all kinds of trouble. Young children have developed asthma after exposure to mold. Older residents or those with weakened immune systems can suffer from serious health complications like lung infections. That can be very dangerous to those who require extra medical care.

Mold will readily take residence when humidity is high or a leak is not addressed properly. Are you mold-sensitive? Don’t wait to find out. Our Stern Mold Manhattan mold removal team knows how damaging mold can be long-term. Before mold claims your favorite lounge area as its own, you can do a few run-throughs to make your space is as uninviting as possible.

1. Check for leaks and address them. Mold is unwilling to help maintain your area, in fact, it loves to grow in a very damp and rotting environment.

2. Use a dehumidifier. Mold can’t stand dry air. They love saunas and steamy atmospheres.

3. Keep your areas clean. Mold doesn’t respect personal boundaries – without clean surfaces, mold will quickly infringe on your space.

Need tips to get rid of your moldy boarder? Contact Stern Mold today to get the inside scoop!