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Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) May be Caused by Mold Spores

Brain and Cognitive Impacts from Continued Toxic Mold Exposure

Brain and Cognitive Impacts from Continued Toxic Mold Exposure

Hundreds of millions of Americans suffer through chronic illness. Close to half of the population in the United States face continual limitations and hindrances on their quality of life because of chronic pain. Could some of these people simply be experiencing symptoms triggered by mold?

If you’ve been diagnosed with Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome or CIRS, you could be victim to the far-reaching tentacles of mold spores. Are you an NYC local that has struggled with CIRS? If it’s caused by mold, our Stern Mold NYC mold removal team can treat the source.

Multi-Symptomatic Mold Exposure

If you’ve been diagnosed with CIRS or suspect you have it, it’s time to address the issue at its source. CIRS can be caused by numerous entities and mold is one of them. The list of symptoms is long. Lyme Disease symptoms often react in a similar fashion. Do you struggle with any of these issues?

– Fatigue

– Gastrointestinal Problems

– Night Sweats

– Tremors

– Shortness of Breath

– Vertigo

– Cough

– Muscle Cramping

– Numbness/Tingling Sensations

– Word Searching

– Confusion/Memory Loss

You aren’t crazy. The symptoms aren’t just in your head. Have you gone to numerous healthcare professionals and found no definable answers? Then you may have been exposed to mold biotoxins. Our NYC mold removal experts want you to know that you’re not alone. We understand how detrimental mold can be to your health. Chronic pain or debilitating symptoms shouldn’t be a constant in your life.

Do you want a solution? Perhaps our Stern Mold team can help expose the toxicity in your life. Let us help you begin the journey towards getting your health back! Click here to schedule a mold inspection today!

Mold Exposure May Trigger Psychiatric Symptoms

You Can Get Sick from Mold Exposure

You Can Get Sick from Mold Exposure

If you’ve recently suffered from disturbing symptoms that threaten your body and mental health, a mold infestation may be the culprit. If you live in Manhattan, your home could be a hotbed for mold spores. What’s going on with your health? What’s next? A team of Manhattan mold removal experts is ready to get rid of the mold so you can get on with your life.

It’s a Toxic Relationship

Every year, one in five adults struggles with mental illness. There are many factors that can trigger psychiatric symptoms. Toxic mold is one of the lesser known causes of mental problems. Mold infestation can prove toxic to your relationship with other people, keeping you from experiencing life to the fullest. Are you experiencing any of these symptoms?

– Brain Fog

– Rash

– Tremors

– Memory Loss

– Fatigue

– Joint or Muscle Pain (especially in the back)

– Depression

Do you have trouble facing each day? You may be experiencing the debilitating effects of toxic mold. Mold Spores can cause brain inflammation, brain swelling, and disorientation. They can become a serious problem to your health and quality of life.

Are you normally more expressive? Are you typically more energetic? Our experienced Manhattan mold removal team near you can give you some clarity. If we discover toxic mold, you may have reason to celebrate. Determine if it’s mold, get treatment, and get back to living again!

Stern Mold’s Manhattan Mold Removal Solution

We aren’t depression experts. We are mold experts! We can get rid of the source of your anxiety so you can breathe easy again. Schedule a mold inspection today! We strive to turn your mold-induced frowns into smiles of relief!

Brain and Cognitive Impacts from Continued Toxic Mold Exposure

Brain and Cognitive Impacts from Continued Toxic Mold Exposure

Brain and Cognitive Impacts from Continued Toxic Mold Exposure

Mold on Your Mind?

Did you know that mold can inhibit your brain function? Mold toxicity levels can produce mind-altering results, literally. Is mold exposure causing you to seemingly lose your train of thought? Do you struggle to focus easily or feel that anxious or tired is your new normal? It doesn’t have to be. It’s time to allow trusted Manhattan mold removal experts to expose the mold that could be negatively impacting your life.

Visit An Informed Physician

Your brain is a powerful instrument. When it is functioning properly, there is no limit to your potential. If you are living with toxic mold, you could already be suffering from serious symptoms caused by it. Toxic mold can impair your emotional and cognitive health.

Over time, prolonged exposure to mold can lead to serious health complications – even death. Do you have cause for concern? Check out these serious symptoms that high mold toxicity levels can cause:

– Asthma

– Brain Fog

– Brain Swelling

– Depression

– Insomnia

– Life-threatening Infection

– Loss of appetite

– Memory Loss

– Personality Change

– Trouble Concentrating

If you’ve had any of these symptoms, see a healthcare professional that knows how toxic mold impacts individuals. Make sure you undergo a full evaluation. A brain scan can also be helpful to pinpoint any brain swelling or to find any other probable causes.

We Treat the Source

Stern Mold’s Manhattan Mold Removal team remediates mold and gives you a fighting chance at a normal life. Toxic mold shouldn’t be in your future and it doesn’t have to be. Stern Mold can help you take another positive step towards a brighter future. Schedule an inspection with Stern today and breathe easier!

Mold Is Dangerous If Left Untreated

Mold Is Dangerous If Left Untreated

Mold Is Dangerous If Left Untreated

Is there danger lurking behind your walls, on your carpet or perhaps even in your ceiling? Trusted NYC mold removal experts can help alert you to the dangerous characteristics of mold spores before they become a personal threat to your health and well-being. When mold invades, property values plummet. Stop the hit to your health or business investment by addressing the costly danger right away.

A Wealth of Information

Mold doesn’t always give off obvious red flags. If you’ve had a recent leak or your home or property has experienced flooding, you may not notice mold growth until it’s already spread to various areas. Getting a mold inspection is key in ensuring your property’s usability or livability. Keep an eye out for these signals that mold may have already called your property home:

– You or other individuals experience difficulty breathing while in the building.

– Too many untouched empty crevices or spaces are left behind after water damaged materials are removed. (These barren spaces encourage mold growth.)

– Allergic reactions are prevalent. (Congestion, headaches and irritated eyes are a few symptoms triggered by mold.) There is no relief and quality of life begins to suffer.

Stern Safeguard’s Your Space

Save your health and earnings by investing in an NYC mold removal team that recognizes how dangerous mold can be. If your business or residence is no place of rest, get relief now! Prevent dangerous mold from infiltrating your peace of mind by hiring the best mold removal experts in your area. Let Stern Mold provide you with quality service and mold treatment that can ease your stress and eradicate mold! Click here and contact Stern Mold today!

What is NORMI the Organization for Mold Remediators?

What is NORMI the Organization for Mold Remediators?

What is NORMI the Organization for Mold Remediators?

What’s the norm for mold remediation training? How can you know if the Manhattan mold removal team you choose to prevent mold from hanging out on your property is certifiably expert in their field? The NORMI organization keeps mold remediators and inspectors above board and accountable to ensure your peace of mind. If you hire the best mold specialists in the business, they should have vast mold knowledge and meet certification standards.

Trained to Test

Knowing the various hiding places and habits of the mold infesting homes everywhere allows a mold inspector or remediation expert to do their job effectively. Stern’s Manhattan mold removal experts understand the inner workings of many types of mold and how to address their unique formations. They understand the dangers and the importance of applying thorough mold removal methods to eradicate mold on your property.

NORMI training and certifications help mold removal trainees to establish good workplace safety habits. Here are some of the questions NORMI training exams might require certified mold remediators to answer correctly:

– What’s the difference between Sanitization and Remediation?

– How can you provide cost-effective remediation solutions?

– What part does the “renovation process” play in ensuring mold removal is complete?

– Why is following proper mold containment procedures so vital?

The Sternest Approach

Our Manhattan mold removal team at Stern Mold has the training and expertise to address any mold concerns you may have. We address your concerns with tried and tested methodology to stop mold from infecting your home or business. Trusted and well-trained mold experts can help your property become a safe-haven and not a safety hazard. Contact Stern Mold today and discover your mold solution!

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