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No, Mold Is Not Impacted by Cold Weather – It is Still a Danger

Tips to Killing Mold Growth in Winter

Mold – An Indoor Toxin that Needs Prompt Attention

Does cold weather halt mold growth? Hot, humid air causes mold to grow so cold weather should stop spores–right? Actually, no. Cold weather can accelerate mold because it can produce excessive condensation. Your top NYC mold removal specialists know how mold is affected by cold and warm weather and how to get rid of it.

Protect and Prevent

During a chilly winter season, mold spores love to spread out. Water is key in the development of health-damaging mold cells. Condensation forms easily in hard to reach areas. Some of these items below can help shield your property from mold-causing molecules:

– Exhaust Fans

– Tarps

– Plastic Film

– Space Heaters

– Mortar Replacements

– Protective Roof Materials

Fans and heaters can help promote healthy air circulation and temperature control to keep mold from expanding. Protective materials to cover potential leak areas or condensation like mortar, roof paper, durable plastics or tarps can prevent further mold damage. Trusted NYC mold removal experts have some great tips to keep your property properly sealed and out of the elements.

How We Give a Stern Cleaning

Cold weather is uncontrollable and will inevitably occur. Mold growth is not uncontrollable. Our Stern NYC mold removal team knows what it means to give your property a clean bill of health. Our trusted methods deeply cleanse and remove the mold before it becomes hazardous to your health and property value.

We will help protect and prevent mold so you can enjoy your home or business no matter what the season holds! Contact us today for a thorough mold evaluation. Stern does the heavy cleaning so you don’t have to!