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Several NJ Colleges Struggle to Solve Mold Problems in Student Housing

Are Multiple People in Your Apartment Complex Showing the Same Sickness Symptoms? Mold Could be the Cause.

Are Multiple People in Your Apartment Complex Showing the Same Sickness Symptoms? Mold Could be the Cause.

College campuses are frequently abuzz with activity, energy, and life. What happens when unwelcome plant life enjoys the frenzied campus environment as well? In New Jersey, colleges are striving to keep invading mold spores from turning any dreams of success on campus into health nightmares.

Mold spores are finding their way into the life and lungs of students via ceilings, blinds, and even through their mattresses. What do you do when you have an unwelcome dorm buddy? Add a trusted Manhattan mold removal team to your contact list!

Talk to the Professionals

For mold solutions, locals look to the expertise of Stern Mold’s Manhattan mold removal professionals. New Jersey’s humidity offers a free ride for mold to run amok on college campuses. What can you do to prevent mold from wrecking your hopes and dreams while you’re left coughing and sneezing? Here are a few ways to ensure your college campus stay will a be mold-free, productive one:

Make sure to tidy up around the air conditioner

Between intense study sessions and social obligations, cleaning may be last on your to-do list but it’s still important. Keeping your air conditioner free of any mold-attracting obstructions can stop mold from claiming your space.

Close up shop

Make sure you shut the windows when humidity levels are high. This can be a helpful barrier against mold spores.

Spend a little extra time at the laundromat

Moist clothes tend to attract mold spores. Ensure your laundry is totally dry before bringing it into your room.

Are there signs of mold at your campus? Contact Stern Mold today and get the cliff notes to all things related to mold!

Pending Legislation Pushes to Address Mold in New Jersey Schools

With Hundreds, Possibly Thousands Circulating Through Schools, It is Essential to Keep the Grounds from Becoming a Pest Breeding Ground.

With Hundreds, Possibly Thousands of People Circulating Through Schools, It is Essential to Keep the Grounds from Becoming a Pest Breeding Ground.

The battle against mold is infiltrating numerous sectors of society. Now mold has invaded educational institutions. New Jersey schools are taking the fight against mold to the justice system. The newest and most sinister threat to the health of educators and their students may be lurking inside the very walls of their classrooms. Can pending legislation prove to be the turning point to address health threats triggered by mold?

Stopping the Emergency

Mold is an ongoing threat to those who suffer from asthma or upper respiratory problems. The classrooms should be safe places for children to learn and grow. Multiple New Jersey schools have tested positive for mold growth, caused by the warm and precipitous climates.

Health-damaging exposure to mold can turn learning environments into unhealthy and unproductive ones. What can you do stop mold from threatening the lives of those who matter so much to our future? Hire professional mold experts.

Stern’s Favorite Subject

Stern’s Manhattan mold removal team understands that addressing mold quickly is vitally important. Students and staff should be able to interact and learn without potential hindrances or distractions. Those who suffer from the distracting symptoms caused by mold can struggle to reach their aspirations. Mold remediation is an effective tool to stop mold from affecting the daily lives of those who are in the educational realm.

When you employ a Manhattan mold removal team that values education and enjoys educating others on everything from mold concerns to mold remediation, students and educators breathe easier. While legislation approval is slow, Stern’s Manhattan mold removal experts will jump in head first and address your mold concerns right away! Contact Stern Mold today!

Tenants Are Frustrated by Landlords’ Lack of Action on Mold Problems

Living in a House with Mold can Take its Toll on Your Body.

Living in a House with Mold can Take its Toll on Your Body.

The frustration is real. Countless cases of lack of attention to mold concerns are causing health problems and tensions to mount between tenants and property owners across the country. What’s going on? How can this be remedied?

Airing Out the Issues

Mold spores increase in moisture-laden building materials. They thrive on the inexperience or inability of others to quickly attend to leaks, excessive humidity, stagnant air and water run-off with nowhere to go. If these trouble areas are addressed, mold spores don’t have anything to feed on.

When mold spores colonize, one call to an NYC mold removal expert team can diagnose and address the mold. The consequences that come from a lack of action can be traumatic for all involved.

Easy Fixes

Whether you’re a tenant or a property owner, a mold problem can seem insurmountable at first glance. From a tenant’s standpoint, the threat to their good health far outweighs any cost. From a property owner’s perspective, mold issues can pose unknowns that seem foreboding and expensive.

Information is key and as the old adage goes “knowledge is power.” Enlisting your local NYC mold removal company to inspect the problems can help shed a little hope and calm on any potential or current mold issue.

Sometimes You Just Have to Get Stern

Stern Mold provides tenants with peace of mind and owners with a positive way to keep their property value up and their complaint list down. They strive to address every mold concern with their experience and professionalism. If you’re seeking a way to erase mold from the picture in your home or business, contact Stern Mold today!

Symptoms of a Serious Mold Exposure

Mold Can Be Detrimental to Your Health.

Symptoms of a Serious Mold Exposure

Do you have cause for concern? Are you a business or homeowner that has seen irregular health symptoms emerge in you or those in your care? Mold exposure can eat away at your body’s ability to fight infection or function properly. Recognizing that what is occurring is not the new normal can help you decide on why enlisting a professional Manhattan mold removal team may be the next best step.

Serious Health Signs of Mold Exposure

Here are some symptoms that may appear when mold spores are prevalent in your home or business:

– Breathing Problems: experiencing asthmatic symptoms or trouble breathing is often linked to mold exposure.

– Irritated Red Eyes: if you are consistently battling itchy red eyes, mold could be the trigger.

– Unexplainable Skin Conditions: hire a mold expert if instances of hives, rash or irritated skin crop up.

– Frequent Mold-triggered Headaches: mold can cause dangerous brain swelling.

– Vertigo: mold negatively affects your sense of balance.

– Multiple Cases of Memory Loss: don’t hesitate to get help and get out quick if numerous people are having brain fog.

Making a Case For Stern Mold

Every day people suffer needlessly, dealing with health symptoms that could be preventable with expert help. Our Manhattan mold removal professionals at Stern Mold understand the importance of keeping harmful mold far away from families, friends, and colleagues. We know that mold exposure today can lead to serious health problems in the future.

If you need help determining the cause for alarming health issues affecting your life, contact Stern Mold today. If it’s a mold problem we’ll confirm it and help you return to your normal, healthy, mold-free lifestyle!

Do You Have Black Mold? Tips for Identifying The Type of Mold You Have Yourself

Do You Have Black Mold? Tips for Identifying The Type of Mold You Have Yourself

Are you a person who avoids excessively damp places? Wet basements, rotting wood, and spaces in your home prone to leaking aren’t the most pleasant areas to linger. These areas have exactly the kind of environment that an invasive batch of mold spores love to visit. Do you have a mold problem? It’s time to get curious and spot the red flags before they infect your health and happiness.

Identifying Black Mold

Here are a few tips to bring your spy glasses into focus on signs of black mold:

– Seek out the areas in your home that are prone to rotting wood, such as excessive moisture that has no escape route.

– Look for dark stains. Other types of mold show lighter, a black mold patch is distinctively darker, particularly with green coloring.

– Follow the pattern. Circular dark patterns can cover areas affected by black mold. If there’s a lack of moisture somewhere in the surfaces infected, the identifying pattern may not show, that’s why getting a professional opinion by an NYC mold removal inspection team is important to ensure your health and safety aren’t compromised.

Have a Stern Mold Conference

An area infected by mold spores can be hidden in plain sight. If you suspect an outbreak of black mold is establishing itself in your home, call your trusted NYC mold removal team immediately. They’ll expertly diagnose the type of mold and apply the treatment options you need to live mold-free.

Our Stern Mold experts are ready to help you identify, diagnose and treat the mold invading your property. Contact us today and discover the pathway to a mold-free worry-free home!

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