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Can You Proactively Prevent Mold Problems?

What to Know About Mold Found In Your Home or Business

What to Know About Mold Found In Your Home or Business

Getting Proactive About Mold

Is every day living a struggle for you? Are you consistently battling upper respiratory infections, sinus problems or other day-to-day symptoms that make tasks difficult to complete? It’s time to get proactive and discover what’s negatively impacting you. You may find that the air in your living space is wreaking havoc on your health. Mold in confined areas produces numerous health issues.

Our Stern Mold Manhattan mold removal experts are experienced in all aspects of proactive remediation treatment. Days, months and even years of mold growth can occur undetected by homeowners or residents. Reduce high toxicity levels in indoor spaces by utilizing a few workable methods to ensure maximum results.

Here are a few proactive steps you can take to clear a path towards better health:

– Hire Manhattan mold removal professionals. They can evaluate the types and amounts of mold present, and will come up with an effective solution to address it.

– Repair or install drainage systems to keep excessive moisture from penetrating your home.

– Invest in indoor plants. Plants can reduce harmful chemicals in the air and produce higher levels of oxygen.

– Ventilate areas that have stagnant air flow. Mold spores spread and thrive in areas of high humidity and warm temperatures.

– Keep a dehumidifier handy. How humid is your house? Test the levels of humidity to discover if mold may have already called your place home.

– Make sure HVAC systems, plumbing, dishwasher, and washing machines undergo proper maintenance every year.

Try Our Manhattan Mold Removal Team

Mold doesn’t like proactive homeowners and residents. Our Stern Mold experts do. Contact us today! We’ll help you breathe clean air once more!