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What Type of Air Purifiers Remove Mold Spores from the Air?

Mold May Be Hiding in Unlikely Places

Mold May Be Hiding in Unlikely Places

Check Your Tool Belt

Mold spores are an invasive, clinging fungus that won’t leave without a little persuasion. They cause serious health issues for people sensitive to mold. Do you have the right tools to stop mold from spreading? The right quality air purifiers may be able to help stall mold spore transfer until a trusted expert NYC mold removal team remedies your mold problem.

What to Look For

Remember, air purifiers do not eliminate the source of mold, but they can stop the spread of airborne spores. It’s important to receive a mold inspection by your NYC mold removal professionals to keep toxic mold from seizing your home. In the meantime, here are some of the characteristics to look for when deciding on an effective air purifier.

It Has One or More of These:

– HEPA Filter

Long-term Guarantee or Warranty

– UV Light (UV Light helps to get rid of bacteria and viruses)

– Increased amounts of carbon

– Silver-Ion threads to prevent microbe growth

Air purifiers play a vital role in improving your health when mold spores are present in your home or residence. HEPA filters take in airborne mold spores. With nothing to feed on, the airborne spores will die. A high-quality air purifier keeps it dry inside stopping mold from reproducing and spreading throughout the infected area. If your home is prone to high humidity levels an antimicrobial treated filter adds another layer of protection to prevent mold from spreading to the filter.

Stern Mold Purifies

Contact our NYC mold removal team at Stern Mold today. You deserve a mold-free home! We’ll do our best to keep your air pure by eliminating the source.