Do You Have Black Mold? Tips for Identifying The Type of Mold You Have Yourself

Do You Have Black Mold? Tips for Identifying The Type of Mold You Have Yourself

Are you a person who avoids excessively damp places? Wet basements, rotting wood, and spaces in your home prone to leaking aren’t the most pleasant areas to linger. These areas have exactly the kind of environment that an invasive batch of mold spores love to visit. Do you have a mold problem? It’s time to get curious and spot the red flags before they infect your health and happiness.

Identifying Black Mold

Here are a few tips to bring your spy glasses into focus on signs of black mold:

– Seek out the areas in your home that are prone to rotting wood, such as excessive moisture that has no escape route.

– Look for dark stains. Other types of mold show lighter, a black mold patch is distinctively darker, particularly with green coloring.

– Follow the pattern. Circular dark patterns can cover areas affected by black mold. If there’s a lack of moisture somewhere in the surfaces infected, the identifying pattern may not show, that’s why getting a professional opinion by an NYC mold removal inspection team is important to ensure your health and safety aren’t compromised.

Have a Stern Mold Conference

An area infected by mold spores can be hidden in plain sight. If you suspect an outbreak of black mold is establishing itself in your home, call your trusted NYC mold removal team immediately. They’ll expertly diagnose the type of mold and apply the treatment options you need to live mold-free.

Our Stern Mold experts are ready to help you identify, diagnose and treat the mold invading your property. Contact us today and discover the pathway to a mold-free worry-free home!