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Mold Information for Immune-Compromised Individuals

YMold Information for Immune-Compromised Individuals

Mold Information for Immune-Compromised Individuals

If you struggle with immune system deficiencies, hiring a trusted NYC mold removal team can be a life-changing step. Humid air in contact with cold walls and cooler air has the potential to produce harmful mold.

What does this spell for you? Trouble. Understanding the tell-tale signs of mold growth or simply recognizing what environments are ideal for mold spore growth can literally be your most vital line of defense.

Are You Immune?

Immune-compromised individuals shouldn’t have to live in fear that their home or workplace threatens their very health. If your immune system struggles to fight off fungal infestations, you should not attempt to clean where you suspect or know mold is cohabitating. Check this list to see if you or those you live or work with have dealt with any of these health issues in the past:



– Various types of cancer

– Any Auto Immune Disorder

The removal of the spleen and certain medications, especially chemotherapy, can lower your immune system’s defense against health-threatening mold spores. Remember, even if you’ve never had any of the complications listed above, you could still be sensitive to mold exposure.

If you need more information, our NYC mold removal experts can help you find out how mold is actually impacting your life.

Check the Signs

Your body’s immune system is meant to protect you from bacteria, viruses, and mold. When it’s not functioning properly, the white blood cells that fight off potential threats may be rendered ineffective against the onslaught of mold spores. Contact Stern Mold today and we’ll help you keep mold away so you can focus on what’s really important: stabilizing your health!

Microbial Volatile Organic Compounds (mVOCs) – What Are They?

Microbial Volatile Organic Compounds (mVOCs) - What Are They?

Microbial Volatile Organic Compounds (mVOCs) – What Are They?

What are mVOCs, also known as Microbial Volatile Organic Compounds? First of all, they can negatively impact your health. There is much research to be done to discover exactly how damaging mVOCs are to our daily lives. Our Stern Mold Manhattan mold removal team of experts understand that mVOC is code for potential health hazards.

Defining the mVOCs

mVOCs really stink–literally! Fungal metabolic Microbials often produce scents quite unappealing to the human nose. They spread their poison throughout the air and can deal debilitating blows to your immune system. If you struggle to maintain good health, you may be facing or vulnerable to a silent attack from mVOCs. When you suffer from mold exposure, you are most likely suffering through a mVOC complication.

Fighting the Unknown

Information can play an effective role in preventing mVOCs from infecting your day-to-day routines. Your power of observation coupled with a trusted Manhattan mold removal company can help determine what mVOCs are inflicting in your home or business. Here are some of the symptoms invasive organic compounds could trigger in you:

– Headaches/Migraines

– Periods of dizziness

– Unexplained fatigue

– Eye irritation (itchiness, redness)

– Nasal irritation

– Nausea

– Upper respiratory issues

Stern Mold Keeps You In the Know

Our Manhattan mold removal team strives every day to restore to you the normalcy and the higher quality of life you, your employees or family members deserve. Mold doesn’t pick favorites. Everyone is potentially vulnerable to health intrusions caused by mVOCs. Through our research and tried and tested mold remediation solutions, we combat mold spores so you can live happily. Contact us today and allow us to keep unwelcome airborne substances from infiltrating your life.

Is Indoor Mold Different Than Outdoor Mold?

Is Indoor Mold Different Than Outdoor Mold?

Is Indoor Mold Different Than Outdoor Mold?

Because ‘mold’ (the non-scientific terminology for fungus) has many different connotations, at Stern Mold, our NYC mold removal professionals get a lot of questions about mold specifics.

It’s eaten in blue cheese, used to ferment bread and beers, and responsible for penicillin, athlete’s foot, lining the walls within your shower, and taking up residence in overly moist areas of your home, garage, and yard. What’s the difference between the nearly 300,000 species of mold?

Growing on You

Mold/fungus is spread via spores and found everywhere. They can remain dormant for an extended time, but activate when moisture is present.

Mold Outdoors

Outdoors, fungus colonies aid in the natural breakdown of organic matter like plants. Mold types vary based on medium, season, and weather. These spores can hitchhike into the home via clothing/shoes, where furnishings/appliances/structures provide opportunities for growth.

Mold Indoors

Because, like humans, many things require moisture to survive, mold is often found alongside bacteria and dust mites inside your home. Creating a sickening milieu, these breakdown alongside the materials they use for their growth (drywall, carpet, etc.), producing volatile organic compounds which emit that ubiquitous mold odor.

Indoor mold damages, and eventually destroys, its host substance, impairing structural integrity. Unsightly and smelly, indoors it also poses serious health risks, promoting allergies, lung issues, and infections.

Kicking Mold Out

Mold does not belong in your home! Mold should be eliminated not only to preserve structural integrity, but also your health. While small areas may be tackled by homeowners, larger ones require expertise and protection.

Don’t live with mold. Kick fungus to the curb with the help of the NYC mold removal experts at SternMold today.

A Mold Called Aspergillus Fumigatus Causes Serious Lung Disease

A Mold Called Aspergillus Fumigatus Causes Serious Lung Disease

A Mold Called Aspergillus Fumigatus Causes Serious Lung Disease

For those with chronic lung problems and weakened immune systems, Manhattan mold removal companies know Aspergillus mold can be dangerous. More than 26-million Americans have asthma and about 10-million are immunocompromised, with the number of both groups growing annually and leaving many at increased risk.

What Causes Aspergillosis?

Aspergillus is a common mold found on decaying plant matter. It’s easily carried indoors on clothing/shoes and distributed via the air. It can take root and grow on dust, building materials, stored grains, foods, spices, etc. Aspergillus is also commonly found in poorly draining, dirty window AC unit filters, especially in old/renovated buildings. The aspergillosis fungus causes severe illness in certain segments of the population.

Who is Most at Risk of Aspergillosis?

Aspergillus typically doesn’t affect those with healthy immune systems. However, individuals with lung problems and weakened immune systems can become infected with or experience an allergic reaction to aspergillus.

Health Issues that Arise from Aspergillus

Aspergillosis sufferers may experience air passage and lung inflammation, wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath, chest pain and fever. Aspergillus can also infect/colonize sinuses, ear canals, and lung tissue, forming a ball of fungus called an aspergilloma/mycetoma.

Those with tuberculosis, emphysema, and advanced sarcoidosis are at increased risk of colonization. As aspergillosis progresses, it can travel into the bloodstream and vital organs, resulting in death if left untreated.

How Many Contract Aspergillosis?

2% of asthmatics

2-15% of cystic fibrosis sufferers

10% of asthma and CF sufferers experience an allergic reaction

Concerns about aspergillus among those in your home or business? Schedule a free inspection with the Manhattan mold removal experts at Stern Mold today.

Who’s Who Celebrity Mold Survivor List

Who's Who Celebrity Mold Survivor List

Who’s Who Celebrity Mold Survivor List

Do you admire a favorite actor/actress or singer? They can seem almost untouchable, even unreal, but globally recognized celebrities have real-life problems just like the rest of us. Have you ever felt debilitating health symptoms or frustration that your quality of life is suffering? Mold spores don’t play favorites. When your home is infested with mold, life can seem out of control.

If you’re a NYC local, you may have more in common with your favorite celebrity than you think! You both could benefit from the help of an NYC mold removal expert!

Celebrities Who’ve Fought Our Fight

Do you recognize any of the names on the list below? Each of these celebrities has had mold problems infiltrate their lives:

– Suzanne Sommers (Famous actress who played “Chrissie” in the show “Three’s Company”.)

– Dr. Oz (This doctor and host of “Dr.Oz” discovered toxic mold in his living room wall.)

– Star Jones (One of the stars of the “View” suffered from asthmatic symptoms due to mold in her condo.)

– Bianca Jagger (Mick Jagger’s former wife, Bianca suffered from illness in her NYC apartment from mold infestation.)

Stern Mold Protects Your Stars

Is there a celebrity in your life? They could be a friend, coworker or any family member that you admire. Perhaps there is one that exudes star quality. How would you feel if they had to deal with health complications triggered by mold exposure?

Stern Mold’s NYC mold removal methods ensure you get the red carpet treatment every time. Set up an appointment for a mold inspection today and watch our NYC mold removal experts prepare your home to last for a lifetime of picture-perfect moments!

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