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Cold Weather? No Problem; Mold Keeps Growing.

Cold Weather? No Problem; Mold Keeps Growing.

Cold Weather? No Problem; Mold Keeps Growing.

You may think cold weather keeps mold under control. Actually, because of excess moisture in the winter and spring months, spores find indoor areas a great feeding ground. Condensation forms as heat meet cold walls or attic spaces. NYC mold removal experts know that while some of nature hibernates, mold spores don’t sleep. What can you do to keep mold from ruining your peaceful slumber?

Cozy Up Your Space

Preparing a home or business for frigid temperatures is a smart way to safeguard personal property. There are also effective methods you can implement to keep your home comfortable and mold out. Below are some suggestions you can use to keep health-harmful mold away:

– Consider investing in a dehumidifier. New York has humidity levels that increase the chances of mold developing in your space. A dehumidifier can help you regulate the air and keep moisture out.

– Ask a trusted NYC mold removal expert to inspect areas in your home that have had leaks in their past, or may be prone to excessive moisture. A thorough inspection can help determine what to do next.

– Have your roof inspected. If your roof needs repair it could mean that mold has already gotten in.

– Seal off any areas where moisture can come in uninvited. You can keep your home cozy while stopping mold from invading.

Stern Keeps You Safe

Weather-proofing pipes, sealing windows and stocking up on heat sources play a vital role in protecting your property. Who takes care of your needs? Contact Stern Mold’s NYC mold removal experts and discover how we’ve got all your mold remediation needs covered! You can live a healthy life mold-free today!