Who’s Who Celebrity Mold Survivor List

Who's Who Celebrity Mold Survivor List

Who’s Who Celebrity Mold Survivor List

Do you admire a favorite actor/actress or singer? They can seem almost untouchable, even unreal, but globally recognized celebrities have real-life problems just like the rest of us. Have you ever felt debilitating health symptoms or frustration that your quality of life is suffering? Mold spores don’t play favorites. When your home is infested with mold, life can seem out of control.

If you’re a NYC local, you may have more in common with your favorite celebrity than you think! You both could benefit from the help of an NYC mold removal expert!

Celebrities Who’ve Fought Our Fight

Do you recognize any of the names on the list below? Each of these celebrities has had mold problems infiltrate their lives:

– Suzanne Sommers (Famous actress who played “Chrissie” in the show “Three’s Company”.)

– Dr. Oz (This doctor and host of “Dr.Oz” discovered toxic mold in his living room wall.)

– Star Jones (One of the stars of the “View” suffered from asthmatic symptoms due to mold in her condo.)

– Bianca Jagger (Mick Jagger’s former wife, Bianca suffered from illness in her NYC apartment from mold infestation.)

Stern Mold Protects Your Stars

Is there a celebrity in your life? They could be a friend, coworker or any family member that you admire. Perhaps there is one that exudes star quality. How would you feel if they had to deal with health complications triggered by mold exposure?

Stern Mold’s NYC mold removal methods ensure you get the red carpet treatment every time. Set up an appointment for a mold inspection today and watch our NYC mold removal experts prepare your home to last for a lifetime of picture-perfect moments!