Mold Information for Immune-Compromised Individuals

YMold Information for Immune-Compromised Individuals

Mold Information for Immune-Compromised Individuals

If you struggle with immune system deficiencies, hiring a trusted NYC mold removal team can be a life-changing step. Humid air in contact with cold walls and cooler air has the potential to produce harmful mold.

What does this spell for you? Trouble. Understanding the tell-tale signs of mold growth or simply recognizing what environments are ideal for mold spore growth can literally be your most vital line of defense.

Are You Immune?

Immune-compromised individuals shouldn’t have to live in fear that their home or workplace threatens their very health. If your immune system struggles to fight off fungal infestations, you should not attempt to clean where you suspect or know mold is cohabitating. Check this list to see if you or those you live or work with have dealt with any of these health issues in the past:



– Various types of cancer

– Any Auto Immune Disorder

The removal of the spleen and certain medications, especially chemotherapy, can lower your immune system’s defense against health-threatening mold spores. Remember, even if you’ve never had any of the complications listed above, you could still be sensitive to mold exposure.

If you need more information, our NYC mold removal experts can help you find out how mold is actually impacting your life.

Check the Signs

Your body’s immune system is meant to protect you from bacteria, viruses, and mold. When it’s not functioning properly, the white blood cells that fight off potential threats may be rendered ineffective against the onslaught of mold spores. Contact Stern Mold today and we’ll help you keep mold away so you can focus on what’s really important: stabilizing your health!