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The EPA Learning Guide on What to Know About Mold

Learn About Mold in the EPA Learning Guide

Learn About Mold in the EPA Learning Guide

Are you concerned about the way mold spores seem to pollute everything around you? Your health, day-to-day tasks, even the air you breath can be negatively impacted by these tiny harmful organisms. According to the U.S Environmental Protection Agency, an outbreak of mold is nothing to trifle with.

Before you decide to tackle mold removal it’s important to note that biocides, such as bleach or other potentially harmful chemicals that are used to address fungi infestations, can also harm you if done improperly. Stern Mold’s NYC mold removal team of experts use the best mold removal techniques to ensure your health and safety.

The EPA’s ‘Need-to-Knows’ on Mold

First of all, water-damaged buildings are complicit in staging the perfect environment for mold spreading in-house. Mold spores exist everywhere, indoors and outdoors. No one intentionally wants to provide a safe place for mold spores. However, it still occurs.

Any leaks, poor insulation or stagnant humid air indoors can trigger the ideal environment for mold spore growth.  Here are some scenarios to look out for that mold spores love:

– Lingering moisture around sinks and other moisture sources.

– Improperly maintained sprinkler systems.

– Damaged roofs, basements, or ineffectively sealed windows.

As a result of mold spores’ notorious adaptability, almost any material is vulnerable to an outbreak of mold. Clothing, paper, plant materials, and wood are all susceptible to mold spores in conditions that support mold growth.

Stern Mold Understands

Above all, mold spores shouldn’t hold you back!  The right NYC mold removal experts understand how mold spores can unravel all your well-laid plans. Contact Stern Mold today! We remediate mold threats so you can regain the upper hand in your life.