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Types of Indoor Molds and Associated Illnesses

Mold Exposure: How Much is Too Much?

Mold Exposure: How Much is Too Much?

Why should you call the Manhattan mold removal experts at Stern Mold? The answer is simple. Your health matters to us! Indoor molds bring unrest and insecurity into the lives of home and business owners across the United States each year.  Millions of people are suffering from unexplained symptoms without knowing that mold may be the cause. You can help us break the cycle by contacting us with your concerns about mold on your property.

What Kind of Mold Do I Have?

Successful treatment of mold spores is reliant on receiving a thorough diagnosis. What kind of mold do you have in your home? Stern Mold’s Manhattan Mold Removal mold remediation experts can help you understand what type is invading your space and how your health is affected by mold spores. Mold types fall under three categories:

• Allergenic Molds – Asthmatic individuals and young children are usually most affected by these types of molds.

• Pathogenic Molds – This category triggers infections and is problematic for those who have weakened immune systems. Pathogenic molds signal their presence often by causing bacterial pneumonia in mold-exposed individuals.

• Toxigenic Molds – Mycotoxins are present in Toxigenic mold and are linked with certain cancers. The toxic chemicals found in this category can be absorbed through the skin, inhaled or eaten. Once the toxins enter your body they can trigger immunosuppression. Toxic mold syndrome is an illness that has been linked to Toxigenic mold. It can cause depression, alter personalities and cause brain swelling.

Take charge of your health with the help of our knowledgeable Manhattan mold removal team by contacting us today! We safeguard your home so you can protect your health!