Five Things Our Professionals Want You to Know About Mold

Facts About Mold

Facts About Mold

Indoor mold may not be the most fascinating topic but the health of you, your family and your home or building may be dependent on knowing the facts. Our NYC mold removal professionals share five things you should know about mold effects and prevention.

5 Facts about Indoor Mold

1. Mold spores are all around us. Even indoors, these microscopic specks are constantly circulating in the atmosphere where we ingest them with nearly each breath. It’s impossible to eliminate spores, so the most effective defense is controlling moisture to inhibit growth of mold colonies.

2. If mold spores have access to moisture, they can grow on nearly any surface including wood, paper, carpet and food.

3. While people who already suffer from allergies are particularly vulnerable, exposure to mold can trigger sneezing, coughing, watery eyes and other upper respiratory symptoms in anyone. The impact can be even more serious for people who have existing respiratory conditions such as asthma.

4. Visible water is not the only source of moisture available to mold spores.

-Control the humidity level by using air conditioning, dehumidifiers and exhaust fans to improve ventilation.

-Add insulation to windows, roofs, floors and any spot prone to condensation.

5. Repair leaks immediately and clean and dry any damp items or building materials within 24 to 48 hours to reduce chances of mold development.

Stern Mold: Your NYC Mold Removal Experts

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