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Tips on Fixing Your Indoor Air Quality

Poor Air Quality Due to Mold Could Be Affecting Your Health

Poor Air Quality Due to Mold Could Be Affecting Your Health

The air you breathe inside your home can have an impact on your health. Poor indoor air quality from mold, pollen and other allergens and pollutants can cause respiratory stress and related health problems. The following tips can help you improve your indoor air quality.

Maintain Healthy Humidity Levels

Too much humidity in your home can increase your risk of needing Manhattan mold removal services. High humidity provides mold with the right environment to grow and thrive. Lower humidity helps reduce the risk of mold and mildew growth inside your home. You can control humidity by using a dehumidifier and running the exhaust fan in your bathroom while showering or bathing.

Change Your Air Filter

Changing your home’s air filter in your HVAC system can also help lower the risk of having mold, dust and other allergens spread throughout your home. These filters trap mold spores and stop them from getting through your ducts and vents. Over time, air filters can harbor mold and other particles that lower indoor air quality, so it’s important to replace them regularly.

Clean Your Ductwork

You could have mold growing in your ducts or a buildup of dust and other particles that make the air in your home unhealthy. Have your ducts inspected and cleaned as needed to prevent these indoor allergens and pollutants from lowering your indoor air quality.

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