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Steps To Identifying Mold In Your Home

Steps To Identifying Mold In Your Home

Steps To Identifying Mold In Your Home

Due to associated health risks and potential structural damage, Manhattan mold removal should be done as soon as an infestation is discovered. The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) offers guidelines for identifying mold in homes and commercial buildings.

Tips for Identifying Indoor Mold

• Indoor mold grows when excess moisture meets organic materials such as wood, paint, wallpaper and carpeting that serve as a food source.

• While it’s not possible or necessary to completely eliminate the presence of mold spores indoors, visible mold growth should always be removed as soon as possible.

• Visual inspection is the primary focus of indoor mold identification.

• Mold inspection should go beyond open surfaces to include hidden spaces, such as behind drywall and inside ventilation systems. Moisture meters and infrared cameras can facilitate the process.

• Care should be taken to minimize disruption of mold colonies, which could lead to further spread of the infestation. Use of gloves, masks and other personal protective equipment is recommended.

• A thorough inspection includes determining the source of the excess moisture and taking steps to correct the problem.

• In most cases, environmental sampling isn’t required before proceeding with remediation.

• The DOHMH recommends obtaining the assistance of a Manhattan mold removal professional for assessment and creating a plan of action.

Stern Mold: Leaders in Manhattan Mold Removal

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What Should You Do To Prevent Mold From Growing In Your Home

What Should You Do To Prevent Mold From Growing In Your Home

What Should You Do To Prevent Mold From Growing In Your Home

Having mold growing in your home can cause a wide range of health problems, including respiratory issues and headaches. When you have mold growth, you’ll need professional NYC mold removal services to eliminate it from your home. Fortunately, there are several ways to prevent mold from growing inside walls and other areas of your home.

Control Moisture

Mold spores are likely to be in your home already, so it’s a matter of making sure they don’t have a damp or moist surface to grow on. This involves controlling the amount of humidity or moisture you have in your home. You can do this in many ways, such as fixing leaks as soon as possible and correcting problems with drainage in your yard.

Other ways to lower moisture levels in your home include using a dehumidifier in basements or other areas that are likely to be more humid. You can also reduce moisture levels by using exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathroom and drying your clothes in the dryer instead of hanging them inside your home or using a drying rack.

Prompt Mold Removal

It’s important to watch for signs of mold problems, so you can have them dealt with immediately. These include water stains, moldy odors and visible signs of mold growing on surfaces in your home. Keep in mind that bathrooms, window mouldings and refrigerator doors are common places for mold growth.

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Here’s What Landlords Need To Know About Mold In Rental Apartments

How to Combat Mold in an Apartment Complex

How to Combat Mold in an Apartment Complex

There are currently no federal or local laws regulating a landlord’s responsibilities regarding Manhattan mold removal in their buildings, but a mold infestation can still result in a number of figurative and literal headaches. Follow these guidelines to mitigate issues with mold in rental properties.

What Are Tenants’ Rights?

Despite the lack of specific language addressing mold problems, landlords are bound by the legal doctrine known as “implied warranty of habitability.” Simply put, a landlord must maintain rental units in livable condition.

If tenants are faced with mold infestations, they have recourse with two self-help methods recognized by New York courts:

• Rent withholding allows tenants to stop paying rent on the basis of unlivable conditions.

• Repair and deduct is when tenants seek Manhattan mold removal on their own and subtract the costs from their rent payment.

Legal and Financial Consequences

In an effort to make it easier for tenants to report mold problems, New York City offers an online complaint form through its 311 non-emergency services program. All complaints generate a service request number for use in tracking progress.

A landlord may be liable for damages if a court finds that a mold problem was due to negligence. Conversely, if a problem was caused by a tenant’s neglect, clean-up costs may be deducted from their security deposit.

Manhattan Mold Removal for Commercial Properties

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Five Fast Facts About Mold: Identification, Risks, and Remediation

Here are Five Facts to Help Equip You to Deal with Mold

Here are Five Facts to Help Equip You to Deal with Mold

Mold and its effects have been topics in a wide range of articles and reports. How do you wade through all that information to find the important details? Our NYC mold removal experts share five facts you should know about mold identification, health risks and remediation.

Five Fast Facts About Mold

1. Mold comes in a variety of colors, including gray, black, green and yellow. It may appear furry, slimy or powdery and frequently has a musty smell.

2. Water is key to mold growth, so infestations are likely to be found in damp, humid places. Mold tends to develop on the surface of materials such as paper, fabric, sheetrock and wood.

3. Exposure to mold can trigger sneezing, itchy eyes, coughing and other upper respiratory symptoms, even in people who have not previously suffered from allergies. Individuals with pre-existing lung conditions or weakened immune systems are particularly vulnerable.

4. While mold-to-skin contact can cause irritation, most problems arise from inhaling airborne mold spores.

5. Be proactive about mold prevention by repairing leaky pipes, drying flooded areas and reducing humidity levels. Small patches of mold can be cleaned with commercial products, but seek professional help when extensive NYC mold removal is required.

Experienced NYC Mold Removal by Stern Mold

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Think Twice Before Going To These Hospitals Being Treated For Mold This Year

Mold Can Appear In Health Institutions

Mold Can Appear In Health Institutions

Mold is an equal-opportunity invader with no respect for the type of building or people using it. Problems at these five hospitals illustrate why Manhattan mold removal is necessary for any affected building, residential or commercial.

5 Hospitals with Mold-Related Issues

1. In December 2018, 53 employees working on the maternity floor at Staten Island University Hospital became sickened by a moldy odor. Environmental testing revealed moderate levels of mold in the air that was traced back to mold behind a sink wall.

2. A faulty ice machine that failed to drain properly led to mold in a nutrition room at Petaluma Valley Hospital in California. For safety purposes, the hospital temporarily shut down its labor and delivery unit for several months.

3. When mold was found in a surgical instrument sterilization room last fall, Los Angeles County’s USC Medical Center had to take the drastic step of suspending elective surgeries and other procedures for a two-week period.

4. Seattle Children’s Hospital has been battling a mold problem in its ventilation system dating back to 2001. With 14 infections and six deaths believed to be caused by Aspergillus mold, the situation has triggered numerous lawsuits.

5. Air testing at Children’s Medical Center Dallas in December 2019 revealed abnormally high levels of Aspergillus and Penicillium molds. The hospital ultimately relocated surgeries and moved 28 cardiac intensive care patients.

Stern Mold: Experts in Manhattan Mold Removal

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