Five Fast Facts About Mold: Identification, Risks, and Remediation

Here are Five Facts to Help Equip You to Deal with Mold

Here are Five Facts to Help Equip You to Deal with Mold

Mold and its effects have been topics in a wide range of articles and reports. How do you wade through all that information to find the important details? Our NYC mold removal experts share five facts you should know about mold identification, health risks and remediation.

Five Fast Facts About Mold

1. Mold comes in a variety of colors, including gray, black, green and yellow. It may appear furry, slimy or powdery and frequently has a musty smell.

2. Water is key to mold growth, so infestations are likely to be found in damp, humid places. Mold tends to develop on the surface of materials such as paper, fabric, sheetrock and wood.

3. Exposure to mold can trigger sneezing, itchy eyes, coughing and other upper respiratory symptoms, even in people who have not previously suffered from allergies. Individuals with pre-existing lung conditions or weakened immune systems are particularly vulnerable.

4. While mold-to-skin contact can cause irritation, most problems arise from inhaling airborne mold spores.

5. Be proactive about mold prevention by repairing leaky pipes, drying flooded areas and reducing humidity levels. Small patches of mold can be cleaned with commercial products, but seek professional help when extensive NYC mold removal is required.

Experienced NYC Mold Removal by Stern Mold

Our technicians are trained in the use of our proprietary two-step MoldExterm program, which safely eliminates mold and prevents its return. MoldExterm remediation is non-invasive and usually completed within one day. Contact us for more information.